Pierre Laclede Honors College

Scholar Development Program


The mission of the Honors College Scholar Development Program is to create and foster a culture where student scholarship translates as greater opportunity and student achievement and recognition become paramount in thelife of the college community. The college supports this mission with various opportunities for undergraduate research, independent study, student exchange, internship, and other programs.

The college supports this commitment by offering honors students multiple opportunities to earn the credentials they will need to qualify for graduate scholarships, fellowships, grants, and awards. Three long-standing core initiatives provide a firm foundation for the program: National Student Exchange (NSE), independent study, and undergraduate research. Three developing initiatives flesh out program goals by providing honors students additional venues for developing scholarship, leadership, and service qualities: internships, Honors College Program Builders (workships), and learning communities. The Office of National Scholarship Information ties these opportunities together for students by coordinating overall achievement with the academic resources available for further successful study.