What If I have previously attended the University of Missouri-St. Louis as a graduate student?

What are UMSL's Graduate School admission standards?

Who can apply online?

Do I need to take the GRE or GMAT?

Do I need to include any supporting materials with my application?

What can I do if I have been denied admission?

What if I am an international student?

What do I do once I have been accepted?

Previously-Enrolled Students
Graduate students who have not taken classes within their graduate program at UMSL for more than one year become inactive in the university’s system. The full policy for that rule can be found in the Graduate School Policies page. To take any graduate classes at UMSL, inactive graduate students are required to reapply. Applicants reapplying do not need to pay the application fee.

Admission Standards
Graduate work at the University of Missouri-St. Louis is designed to prepare academic leaders, normally within a profession. For that reason, our graduate programs demand academic preparation and personal attributes to complete the rigorous course and individual research requirements. The Graduate School of UMSL requires applicants to document that they are prepared to be successful as they pursue advanced studies. Consider your application as your opportunity to provide evidence that you have a track record of academic achievement, the motivation to pursue challenging courses and independent studies, and the integrity and character to serve as an academic leader.

To document that, the Graduate School of the University of Missouri-St. Louis requires evidence that all applicants have met the following standards:

  • A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent from an accredited college or university with an overall GPA of 2.75; 
  • Academic records and related experiences that suggest the likelihood for success in the proposed program; 
  • Personal attributes that reflect the standards of conduct in professions associated with the program.

Evidence of a first degree requires an official document sent directly to UMSL with the degree posted. Transcripts can be accepted directly from students in emergency cases and only for one semester. Evidence of other academic preparation varies by program.

Applicants will be denied admission if (a) they do not meet admission standards and (b) there are no available openings. Most programs will not review incomplete or late applications at the time of decision.

Please review your application carefully and answer every question truthfully. Students admitted on the basis of applications with inaccurate information, plagiarized writing samples, or other evidence that the applicant is trying to mislead the university will be dealt with following the Student Conduct Code and may lead to expulsion.

Online Applications
The online application is designed for every graduate program except the Doctor Of Optometry Degree (O.D.). Those applicants may have a separate application.

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
All doctoral programs require the aptitude test of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  The GRE General Test is required for Master's programs in: Economics, Physics, Political Science, and Psychology.  The GRE General Test measures certain developed verbal, quantitative, and analytical abilities that are important for academic achievement. Thus, the test necessarily reflects the opportunities and efforts that have contributed to the development of those abilities. The General Test is only one of several means of evaluating likely success in graduate school. The test makes it possible to compare students with different backgrounds. 

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required of applicants to the M.B.A, M.I.S., and M.Acc. programs and all graduate business certificate programs. Students who have not taken these examinations should do so at the earliest possible test dates. The GMAT is designed to help graduate schools of business assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced study in business and management but they are only one predictor of academic performance in the first year of graduate management school.

Supporting Materials
Each program is different, so you will want to check your program's requirements to see if they require additional materials such as a resume, writing sample or statement of purpose. All supporting materials, unless otherwise indicated, may be mailed to:
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Graduate Admissions Office
255 Millennium Student Center
One University Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63121-4499

Denied Admission
Students denied admission may reapply in a subsequent year if further training or experience is presented to strengthen the application.

International Students
In addition to the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School, other special provisions apply to international students. Prospective students should contact the Office of International Student Services (Phone 314-516-5229; Fax 314-516-5636; e-mail: iss@umsl.edu or visit the website of the Office of International Student and Scholar Services.

International students whose native language is not English and who have spent less than two of the last three years in an English-speaking country are required to submit scores from an internationally accepted standardized examination before a decision is made on admission. Teaching assistantships will be awarded only to students with demonstrated oral English proficiency.

For information on the online TOEFL test, visit the ETS website. Another acceptable standardized English exam in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). 

After Acceptance 
Welcome to the Graduate School! We hope you find your experience both rewarding and enjoyable. If you ever have any concerns and don't know where to turn, please contact the Graduate School office by phone (314-516-5900) or by email: graduate@umsl.edu.

  • Student number. You were assigned a student number upon admission to Graduate School.  It's at the top right of the official admission letter you received.  You will use this number in all your dealings with the university.  We do not use social security numbers in order to protect you from identify theft.
  • Activating your Gateway ID and e-mail account. Please click the "Computer Information" link below to set up your MyGateway account. If you already have an email account, you may also arrange to have your UMSL official mail sent to your existing email address. Your MyGateway ID will allow you access to your student email account, notification of semester grades, course materials, and much more. Your e-mail account will be activated as soon as you are accepted into the Graduate School. Please be aware that your student e-mail account is the University's official means of correspondence with you. You should check your e-mail account often to ensure you receive notifications from Graduate School, Cashiers, your advisor, and other university offices. 
  • Program Advisor.  Typically, you will consult your advisor in selecting courses each semester and sketching your plans beyond the degree.  Each program has a way to assign an advisor.  If you'd like to change advisors, you can normally select someone you would like to be your advisor,  Ask whether he or she would be willing to play this role.  Also check program information for your Program Director's information and for a list of required courses.
  • Student ID cards are required, and can be picked up from the Triton Card office, located at 190 Millennium Student Center, once you have registered for classes.
  • Parking. If you're planning to park on campus this semester, you will need a parking permit, which can obtained from the Cashier's Office, located at 285 Millennium Student Center.
  • Register for classes. Login to MyView to look at courses offered and register for classes. A class may indicate that it requires a consent number. If you wish to enroll in a class requiring a consent number, please contact the department office to request it.
  • Navigating the University website. Most students use MyGateway as the university's portal page.  There you will see announcements and can access your classes.  The surest way to get to your department's section of the university website is from the A-Z index that you'll find on the opening page.  Another useful area is the Graduate School page.
  • Graduating on time. Pay special attention to the "Important Dates" section of the Graduate School's home page.  You can access all of the forms that you'll need to print out and submit by clicking on the "Forms" link under "Current Students".
  • Graduate School Policies. Clicking on the policies tab on the Graduate School website gives you details on policies such as residency and transfer of credit.  This is especially important if you have taken graduate-level courses elsewhere that you would like to apply to your UMSL degree.  Each advisor should have sample degree program plans.  If not, all programs are described in the Bulletin. The key to a successful graduate experience is to communicate.  Talk to or email your advisor, faculty members, colleague-students, or the academic coordinator in the Graduate School.  We are all working to support your success! 

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