Oral Defense Announcements

December 8

Emily Strang
Intentional and Unintentional Misreporting on Self-Report Measures of Sexually Aggressive Behavior

March 6

Emily Hu
Cultural Conceptualizations of the Trauma Response: The Role of Locus of Control, Religiosity, and Religious Coping

April 29

Courtney Chappuis
Fidelity to the Cognitive Processing Therapy Protocol: Further Evaluation of Critical Elements

May 15

Nika George
Medication Non-Adherence in Community Dwelling Older Adults with Dementia: An Educational Intervention for Family Caregivers

May 15

Katherine Ruth Buchholz
Neural Correlates of Rumination in POsttraumatic Stress Disorder Before and After Cognitive Processing Therapy

June 4 Nathalie Means Henderson
Educational Entrepreneurship As Reform Strategy for St. Louis Public Schools from 2003 to 2009

June 15 Brianna Mann
Decision Making and Association in Hoarding
June 17

Rosemarie Brefeld
Practitioner Inquiry: Teaching Literacy with English Language Learners

June 18

Jason Spray
The Schoolyard as an Outdoor Classroom: Learning Through Experience

June 22

Wilson James Brown
Affectivity, Brain Structure and Function, and Treatment Outcomes in Cognitive Processing Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

June 25

Jill M. Bernard
An Investigation into the Benefits of using Data Analytics to examine Missouri Motor Vehicle Crash Severity Outcomes

June 25

Dedria Blakely
Community Engagement and Collegiate Planning: An Examination of the Successful Planning Processes Used to Create Shared Vision and Facilitate Transformation in Community Colleges

June 25

Timothy Dickinson
Talk and Deterrence in Drug Markets

July 7

Joseph Sonis Pangelinan
The Relationship between Hope and Career Decision Readiness in Adolescents with Disabilities in an Alternative School Setting

July 9

Maurice Endsley, Jr.
Coping with Racial Discrimination: The Impact of Substance Use, Emotional Eating, and Emotional Support on Mental and Physical Health

July 13

Dianna Ohlman
Screening the Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver for Sleep Apnea

July 13

Cassie A. Myers
Hometown Influence: The Impact of Geography on Statewide Candidate Emergence and Success

July 15

Helene P. Seibert
Nontraditional Community College Students in Nursing: Perceptions Personified

July 16

Sanjib Karki
Soluble Amyloid-Beta 42 Aggregates Stimulate Cellular Inflammation Independent of CD47

July 16 Yu Liu
The Role of Aminoalcoholphosphotransferase 1 and 2 in Plant Development and Oil Production and Transcriptional Regulation of Seed Oil Accumulation by GLABRA2 In Arabidopsis thaliana
July 16

Mildred Z. Wigfall
The Arts: Building a Foundation to Increase Science Literacy Skills for Urban Youth

July 28

Mikh V. Gunderman
Loss, Hope, and Redemption: The Consequences of Methamphatamine use in a Sample of Incarcerated Women

August 3

John R. Griffith
Active Learning Strategies and Vocabulary Instruction