Oral Defense Announcements

August 21

David Hart
In Search of Spirit:  The Meaning and Making of Gay Spirituality

December 8 Emily Strang
Intentional and Unintentional Misreporting on Self-Report Measures of Sexually Aggressive Behavior
December  16

Michelle Phillips Whitacre
Teacher Transformation: An Exploration of Science Teachers' Changing Professional Identities, Knowledge, and Classroom Practices

February 4

Steven Mucci
Managing Political and Investment Risk in the International Oil and Gas Industry

March 6

Emily Hu
Cultural Conceptualizations of the Trauma Response: The Role of Locus of Control, Religiosity, and Religious Coping

March 11 

Thomas J. LaRosa
Correlational Evidence between Processing Speed Index, Coherent Motion Threshold, and Achievement Scores of Children with and without Learning     Disabilities

March 18 Chrystal Leigh Lewis
A Comparison of the Effects of a Web-Based Education Program about the ICU Environment and a Standard Education Program on Anxiety, Depression and Acute Stress Experienced Among Family Members of ICU Patients
March 31 Sheandra P. Brown
Teaching at the Top of the Class: Black Female Educators' Perspective of Teaching High Achieving Black Children

April 2

Erin C. Schulte
Yoga and Adolescent Psychological Health, Depressive Symptoms, and Flourishing

April 2

Wendy Freebersyser
A Narrative of A Teacher's Awakening of Consciousness: Learning to Become an Effective Witness

April 6 Rebecca Meyer
Transitioning Teens With Diabetes to Adult Health Care

April 13 Marquita L. Bowers-Brown
The St. Louis Desegregation Transfer Program: Do African American Students Perform Better In an Integrated Suburban Setting?

April 16 Alla Gonzalez Del Castillo
Cognitive Coaching as a Form of Professional development in a Linguistically Diverse School

April 16 Kenneth M. Foushee
The Relationship between Adult Basic and Adult Secondary Educational Instructional Styles and Learner Outcomes When Measured as Educational Gain on the National Reporting System Scale
April 20 Cori Deitz
Sexual Orientation Microaggressions and Psychological Well-Being: A Mediational Model

April 20 Reginald W. Holt
Investigating the Effects of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention with Men on Probation or Parole

April 21 Angela Marie Schubert
Attitudes toward Aging Sexual Expression in Nursing Homes: An Exploration of the Older Adult Resident Phenomenon

April 21 Jack D. Simons
Examining School Counselor Advocacy for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students: An Assessment of Factors Toward Action
April 23 Jodi Flesner
"Alone In Our Grief:" Exploring How Surviving Siblings Make Meaning After the Death of a Brother or Sister