Graduate School

Oral Defense Announcements

February 20

Cheryl Osby
Informally Educating The Community:  St. Louis Phyllis Wheatley's
YWCA Committee On Administration Speaks On The Decline Of The

The Organization Through Historical Narratives

March 12

Cari Rottman
The Romance of Leadership:  Construct Clarification and Its
Relationship with Reactions to Organizational Change

April 1

Gayla Dace
A Sleep Apnea Program for Commercial Drivers

April 3

Sharonica Hardin
Strategic Management of Human Capital:  A Critique of Urban
Education Human Resources Policies and Procedures

April 10

Todd Combs
Development from Abroad?  Transnational Remittance and the
Institutionalization of Diaspora Engagement in Africa

April 10

Jeffrey Pauls
Teacher perceptions and implementation of Positive Behavior
Support in urban language immersion schools

April 11

Adam Scott
Speciation Dynamics of an Agent-Based Evolution Model in
Phenotype Space

April 17

Rosemary McBryan Davidson
Researching the Real:  Authentic Student Research Practices

April 17

Bryant Price
Validation of the Transportation Burden Questionnaire Among Family
Caregivers of Older Adults

April 21

Laura Wiedlocher
Cities Awash in a Sea of Governments:  How Does Political
Fragmentation Affect Cities and Their Regions?

April 21

Amber Simpson
School Climate and Building Highly Effective Schools:  How Student
Perception of School Structure and Supportive Learning Environments

Affect Their Enjoyment of School

April 21

Paul Katnik
A Study of Missouri's Educator Evaluation System and its Efforts to
Increase Teacher and Leader Effectiveness

April 21

Yunlin Lu
An Exploration of Merit Pay, Teacher and Student Satisfaction, and
Teacher Performance Evaluation from an Instructional Perspective

April 23

Abeera Sharma
Nanoporous Gold Characterization, Structural Modification and Use as a
Solid Support for Biomolecule Immobilization

April 24

Kimberly Kras
Redemption or Condemnation?  A Long-Term Follow-up of the
Desistance Patterns of Sex Offenders

April 24

Sujin Kim
Korean Migrant Youth Identity Work in the Transnational Social Field:  A
Link between Identity, Transnationalism, and New Media Literacy

April 24

Lihua Li
Basis Function Approaches for Two Dimensional Cochlear Models

April 25

Paul Long
The Moral Justification of Academic Freedom in the Community College:
Professional Rights or Public Benefits?

May 7

Ekaterina Gorislavsky
Racial-Ethnic Differences in Rape and Sexual Assault Victimization:  A
Pooled Analysis of NCVS Data, 1994-2010

May 13

Deborah DeGan-Dixon
Community College Student Engagement at Extended Campus Sites:  A
Mixed Methods Study