Oral Defense Announcements

August 21

David Hart
In Search of Spirit:  The Meaning and Making of Gay Spirituality

December 8 Emily Strang
Intentional and Unintentional Misreporting on Self-Report Measures of Sexually Aggressive Behavior
December  16

Michelle Phillips Whitacre
Teacher Transformation: An Exploration of Science Teachers' Changing Professional Identities, Knowledge, and Classroom Practices

February 4

Steven Mucci
Managing Political and Investment Risk in the International Oil and Gas Industry

March 11 

Thomas J. LaRosa
Correlational Evidence between Processing Speed Index, Coherent Motion Threshold, and Achievement Scores of Children with and without Learning     Disabilities

March 18 Chrystal Leigh Lewis
A Comparison of the Effects of a Web-Based Education Program about the ICU Environment and a Standard Education Program on Anxiety, Depression and Acute Stress Experienced Among Family Members of ICU Patients