Oral Defense Announcements

August 14

Candice Carter-Oliver
Stories of African American male principals following the intra district
desegregation plan in the St. Louis Public Schools

August 21

David Hart
In Search of Spirit:  The Meaning and Making of Gay Spirituality

August 22

Staci Scott
Impact of the Serotonin Transporter Polymorphism on Emotion Identification
in Healthy Older Adults

September 19

Eliot Miller
Evolution and ecology of two iconic Australian clades:  the Meliphagidae
(birds) and the Hakeinae (plants)

October 14

J. Michael Vecchio
The Role of Violence within and across Self-identified Gang Youth

October 28

Anne Borgmeyer
Assessing Monitoring and Management of Overweight and Obesity in
Children Hospitalized for Asthma

October 30

Mark Pfuetze
Family-of-origin Characteristics of Men Who Engage Regularly in Sexually
Addictive Behavior

October 31

Kristen Taylor
Ignoring or Intervening:  Listening to Those Left Behind in Public Education

November 3

Carlos Diaz-Granados
District within a District:  De Facto Segregation and White Flight Into and Out of
the School District of University City (1967-1991)

November 4

Frances Whitney
Retired African American Female Urban Middle School Science Teachers Beliefs
and Practices

November 10

Alberto Friedmann
Proprioception and Developmental Motor Training:  A New Treatment For
Chronic-Phase Stroke Patients

November 11

Paula D. Knight 
Reading Achievement and Family Literacy Behaviors of Black Boys

November 12

Maria Spilker
Making Telework Work:  The Effect of Telecommuting Intensity on Employee
Work Outcomes

November 14

Aihua Yan
The Effects of Capabilities and Governance on Information Technology and
Business Process Outsourcing Performance:  Client and Provider Perspectives

November 17

Thanaporn Sundaravej
Synchronous and Asynchronous Collaboration Technology Use in Teamwork

November 17

Sarah Cress-Ackermann
Digital Finger Painting:  A Qualitative Exploration of the Tablet Computer and
its Artistic Implications in an Early Childhood Setting

November 19

Janet Drake
Who Decides?  A Study of the Effects on Decision Unit Dynamics in Crisis and
Crisis Transition

November 19

Jeremy W. North
Network Flexibility for Recourse Considerations in Bi-Criteria Facility Location

November 20

Yeetoh Chaweewan
Investigations of Storage Root Development in Cassava
(Manihot esculenta Crantz)

November 20

Jay K. Bhattarai 
Electrochemical Synthesis of Nanostructured Noble Metal Films for Biosensing

November 20 Graham B. Wohler

Motivated to Adapt: Applying Goal-Setting Theory, Primed Subconscious Goal, and Implementation Intention

November 21 Prasad S. Rudramuniyaiah
An Empirical Investigation of Factors Influencing IT Professionals’ Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Organizations
November 21 Joseph Russo
Mechanisms of Condition-Specific Regulation of mRNA Stability by Puf Proteins:  From Yeast to Humans
December 2 Brandon Whittington
An Examination of Forgiveness Attitudes, Assertiveness, and Self-esteem in Relationships between Forgiveness, Relational Abuse, and Well-being
December 8 Emily Strang
Intentional and Unintentional Misreporting on Self-Report Measures of Sexually Aggressive Behavior
December 9 Ashley Benedict
Women in Kazakhstan: A Multifaceted Approach to Female Political Participation
December 16 Michelle Phillips Whitacre
Teacher Transformation: An Exploration of Science Teachers' Changing Professional Identities, Knowledge, and Classroom Practices