Oral Defense Announcements

April 24

Sujin Kim
Korean Migrant Youth Identity Work in the Transnational Social Field:  A
Link between Identity, Transnationalism, and New Media Literacy

May 7

Ekaterina Gorislavsky
Racial-Ethnic Differences in Rape and Sexual Assault Victimization:  A
Pooled Analysis of NCVS Data, 1994-2010

May 13

Deborah DeGan-Dixon
Community College Student Engagement at Extended Campus Sites:  A
Mixed Methods Study

May 19

Stephanie Wiley
The Amplification of Deviance Following Police Contact:  An Examination
of Individual and Neighborhood Factors among a Sample of Youth

May 19

Rebecca Light-Pearlman
Quantitative Measurement of Reciprocal Social Behavior among Toddlers
Aged 18 to 24 Months

May 22

Richard Andrews
"What I care bout dogs?" How the hegemony of the English language
colonizes marginalized groups

June 2

Christopher Putnam
Spatial Mapping of Macular Pigment Optical Density and Its Relationship
to Contrast Sensitivity and Glare

June 10

Jennifer O'Donnell
Implementation of Sleep Problem Screening in a Pediatric Primary Care

June 12

Mitchell Millstein
Takt Time Grouping:  A Method to Implement Kanban-Flow Manufacturing
in an Unbalanced Process and Moving Constraints; Comparison to One

Piece Flow and Drum Buffer Rope:  Which is Better, When and Why

June 17

Susan Fliesher
Safety Hazards Education for Mothers Who Are Homeless:  Target Teaching
to Improve Knowledge of Safety Hazards for Children Under Five Years of Age

June 23

Wanyi Lai
Organizational Interventions for Restoring Justice in the Workplace

June 27

Jagodige Yasomanee
Picolinyl-Assisted Approaches to Stereocontrolled Glycosylation

June 27

Joe Wilson
Chemistry and Thermochemistry of Selected Fatty Acids Using Correlation
Gas Chromatography

July 1

Sterling Recker
Vision 2020:  An Analysis of Policy Implementation and Agrarian Change in
Rural Rwanda

July 3

Andrea Marsden
Does Stereotype Threat Even Exist?  An Empirical Evaluation of a Hypothetical

July 7

Swati Nigudkar
Development of the Regenerative Glycosylation Approach for Manual and
Automated Oligosaccharide Synthesis

July 7

Jacob Bolzenius
Structural and Cognitive Correlates of Body Mass Index in Healthy Older Adults

July 9

Marilyn Smith
An Examination of Factors Influencing the Implementation of Student-Led
IEP meetings in Secondary Schools

July 10

Lisa Amundson
Collaborating on Web 2.0 Technologies:  The Best-Fit Model for Behavioral
Intentions of Preservice Teachers

July 10

Benjamin Martin
Synthesis of Cyclic Enolphosphonates and Enolphosphates as Inhibitors of
Serine Hydrolases

July 10

Sonya Murray
Culturally Relevant Literacy for 4th and 5th Grade African American Males: 
Honoring Students' Voices

July 11

Anna Martirosyan
Privatization, State Militarization through War, and Durable Social Exclusion in
Post-Soviet Armenia

July 14

William Ellegood
Should the supply chain strategy of a product change over its life cycle?

July 15

Wesley Boyce
Supply Chain Relationships:  Is Collaboration Reality?

July 16

Shana Usery
Understanding Mechanistic Details of Neuroinflammatory Pathways Stimulated
by the Alzheimer's Disease Amyloid-Beta Protein

July 17

Robyn Drake
Provider Perception of Patient Satisfaction if Antibiotics Are Not Given for Upper
Respiratory Tract Infection

July 17

Sharleta Williams
Teacher Organizations:  Black Teachers and St. Louis Public Teacher Strikes of
1973 and 1979

July 17

Gretchen Spiess
Elucidation of the role of auxin-input pathways in auxin homeostasis.

July 17

Kimberly Buck
Instituting a Behavioral Wellness Program and Updating a Clinical Pathway for
Economically Disadvantaged Overweight and Obese Adults in a Community Health

Center:  A Clinical Scholarship Project

July 18

Kenton Mershon
An Analysis of the Educational Experiences of African American Male Prison Inmates
Enrolled in a Voluntary College Vocational Program:  Variables that Encourage or

Preclude Postsecondary Degree Attainment

July 18

Mark Liston
Conceptualizing and Validating the Character Growth Index (CGI)

August 12

Ambumulire Itimu-Phiri
The impact of a school-to-work transition program on self-determination of
young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

August 14

Candice Carter-Oliver
Stories of African American male principals following the intra district
desegregation plan in the St. Louis Public Schools

August 21

David Hart
In Search of Spirit:  The Meaning and Making of Gay Spirituality

August 22

Staci Scott
Impact of the Serotonin Transporter Polymorphism on Emotion Identification
in Healthy Older Adults