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Humanities Courses

In fulfilling general education requirements, all business degree seeking students must complete a minimum of three courses in the humanities. Below is a list of courses that satisfies the Humanities requirement, including appreciation type courses in art and/or music as well as courses in philosophy and literature. This list is meant only as a SAMPLING of those which may be used to satisfy the Humanities requirement. Students should consult the University of Missouri - St. Louis general catalog for prerequisites to courses and additional course listings.

1100 Introduction to Art
1102 Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
1103 Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico & Central America
1104 North American Indian Art
1105 The Arts of Africa
1108 Introduction to Asian Art
1165 Photography and Society

1120 Literary Types
1130 Topics in Literature
1170 American Literary Masterpieces
1200 Myth
1800 Introduction to Theater
2030 Poetry Writing
2040 Short Story Writing
2200 Classical Literature in Translation
2230 Jewish Literature
2240 Literature of the New Testament
2250 Literature of the Old Testament
2280 The Contemporary World in <br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Literature
2310 English Literature I
2320 English Literature II
2330 Introduction to Poetry
2340 Introduction to Drama
2350 Introduction to Fiction
2710 American Literature I
2720 American Literature II

1001 Introduction to Music
1060 Intro. to Afro-American Music
1070 Introduction to Jazz
1090 Non-Western Music I
1100 Non-Western Music II
1190 Fundamentals of Music
1301 Theory of Music I

1110 Western Philosophy I
1111 Western Philosophy II
1120 Asian Philosophy
1130 Approaches to Ethics
1150 Major Questions in Philosophy
1160 Logic and Language
1185 Philosophy of Religion
2254 Business Ethics

1070 Introduction to Cinema
1160 Fundamentals of Oral Interpretation

(Each of these courses fulfill a Humanities Breadth of Study requirement,
however, not All communication courses do)

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