Directions to the College of Business Advising Office:
Please park in Lot "E" (see campus map) or in Garage "15" if the lot is full. Place the VIP Parking Permit on your dashboard with the "VALID ONLY ON" side facing up.

From Lot "E" or Garage "15" you will enter the Millennium Student Center (Building # 4) on the second floor. This floor is circular, and will lead to a bridge. Cross the bridge and as you exit, you will be facing the Social Sciences & Business (SSB) Building and the attached Tower (Building # 11). Enter the Tower and take the elevator to the 4th floor. As you exit the elevator, follow the hallway ahead and make a right. The College of Business Administration is located at 487 SSB.

As you enter, identify yourself to our Administrative Assistant at the front desk. The advisor will be told that you have arrived. Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable - your advisor will be with you shortly.