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Additional Requirements

General Education Requirements
Business Core Requirements
Business Approved Electives
Global Awareness Electives

Each business degree program requires that a minimum of 60 hours and a maximum of 72 hours (out of the total minimum of 120 credit hours) be taken in other than business administration courses. The faculty of the College of Business Administration feels that a strong grounding in the liberal arts is desirable. Within the campus General Education requirements, all business degree-seeking students must complete ECON 1001 and ECON 1002 for social sciences credit; and MATH 1100 and MATH 1100 for Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
Additional College of Business requirements include:

Business Core Requirements

All students pursuing business degrees must complete at least than 48 credit hours and no more than 60 credit hours in business within the minimum 120-hour degree program. Of that number, 30 hours are business core courses. The remaining 18 to 30 hours are approved business electives. A minimum 18 credit hours must be 3xxx/ 4xxx level.

Lower Division Core Course Requirements
Where a course is shown to have a prerequisite, a minimum grade of "C-" in the prerequisite course(s) is required for admission.

Business Administration

FINANCE 3500: Financial Management
Prerequisites: ECON 1002, MATH 1105, ACCTNG 2400, and INFSYS 2800
MKTG 3700: Basic Marketing
Prerequisites: ECON 1001 and junior standing
MGMT 3600: Management and Organizational Behavior
Prerequisite: junior standing
SCMA 3300: Business Statistics
Prerequisites: INFSYS 1800 or INFSYS 2800 and MATH 1105
SCMA 3301: Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Prerequisites: No prerequisites
MGMT 4219: Strategic Management
A capstone course is normally taken in the last semester of one's undergraduate program. Prerequisites: senior standing, FINANCE 3500, MKTG 3700 AND MGMT 3600
MGMT 4220: Business Assessment Testing
Administered to all graduating seniors. A "Satisfactory" grade is required for graduation.

Approved Electives

If you are completing an Accounting degree: If you are completing an Information Systems and Technology degree: If you are completing a Finance emphasis area: If you are completing an International Business emphasis area: If you are completing a Management emphasis area: If you are completing a Marketing emphasis area: If you are completing a Supply Chain & Analytics emphasis area: Global Awareness Electives 

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