Tewania Lomax

Senior Academic Advisor
Office: 487 Social Science & Business Building
Email: tewania_lomax@umsl.edu
Phone: 314-516-6111

Areas of Specialization

International Business

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About Tewania....

Tewania has been active in the Staff Association and currently serves on the John Perry Scholarship Committee. Her hobbies include reading and visiting new places.

International Business

The world is moving away from an economic system in which national markers are distinct, isolated entities towards a system in which national markers are becoming increasingly integrated. The international marketplace requires a manager to have a solid foundation in finance, marketing, accounting, logistics and management as well as the ability to adapt these fundamental concepts to unique situations.


The study of management and organizational behavior focuses on the behavior of individuals and groups in an organizational setting. The business environment today demands graduates who can effectively work with and lead others.

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