The College of Business Administration at the University of Missouri-St. Louis values international experience and cultural exchange. Our undergraduate program focuses on the global business setting, and we want to reach out to YOU if you are an international student who is considering attending the University of Missouri-St. Louis or a student on this campus who wants to explore study abroad opportunities.

Students from countries all around the world have attended the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Some are immigrants who will remain in the United States after they complete their degrees, and others are seeking to experience American education and culture to enrich their lives when they return home.

Sean's Student Exchange Program Experience

Students from the St. Louis Metropolitan area are exposed to other cultures as they take courses in the business curriculum. You may decide that you'd like to experience what it is like to live and study in cultures that are not as fast-paced as the American life-style.

Mike's Asian Program Experience

Shelly's Missouri/London Program

Kevin at Lancaster University

David In Anger's France

Erin's ESSCA Study Abroad Program

Matthew's Hogeschool Program

David's Pictures