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Admission and Degree Requirements


Students applying to the University of Missouri-St. Louis for full-time or part-time attendance with 24 or more transferable, college-level credit hours will need a cumulative college GPA of 2.3 or higher to be considered for admission. Upon admission to the university, students pursuing a business degree are automatically admitted to the College of Business Administration. To take Junior and Senior level courses through the College of Business, students must maintain campus and business GPAs of 2.3 or higher.

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Degree Requirements

College of Business Core Coursework (30 hours*)
ACCTNG  2400 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
ACCTNG  2410 Managerial Accounting
INFSYS  2800 Information Syst. Concepts &Applications**
BUS AD  2900 Legal Environment of Business
SCMA  3300 Business Statistics
SCMA  3301 Intro to Supply Chain Management
FINANCE  3500 Financial Management
MGMT  3600 Management & Organization Behavior
MKTG  3700 Basic Marketing
MGMT  4219 Strategic Management***
MGMT 4220 Business Assessment Test***

*Courses require a grade of C- or higher
**The prerequisite, INFSYS 1800, can be waived by exam
***Capstone course and test taken during the final semester

Business Junior/Senior Level Business Electives (18 hours)
FINANCE  3520 Investments
FINANCE  3582 International Investments
FINANCE  3561 Principles of Insurance
MGMT  3611 Advanced Management
MGMT  3621 Human Resource Management
MGMT  3680 International Management
MKTG  3710 Consumer Behavior
MKTG  3738 Advertising Techniques
MKTG  3740 Marketing Analysis
MKTG  3770 Intro to Transportation Studies
MKTG  3780 International Marketing

Above is a sample listing of courses – all are three credit hours

Additional Course Requirements
Completion of campus general education requirements, including:
ECON  1001 Microeconomics
ECON  1002 Macroeconomics
MATH  1030 College Algebra
MATH  1100 Basic Calculus
MATH 1105 Basic Probability & Statistics

(The above courses, along with ACCTG 2400 & 2410, IS 2800 and Bus Ad 2900, must be completed early in the curriculum for “Good Standing.” Students cannot take more than nine credit hours of Junior/Senior level Business coursework until point averages at the 2.3 level or higher.)

Completion of a cultural diversity course, an additional social science course, two Global Awareness courses and ENGL 3120 Business Writing



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