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MIS Mentoring Program Event Survey

The MIS Mentoring Program needs your input to better serve our members. Please fill out the survey below if you have recently attended one of the events, sponsored by the MIS Mentoring Program. Please be sure to note which event you attended. To submit your survey, press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form. Use the RESET button at the bottom of the form to clear the input fields if you want to start over.

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Personal Information  

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Please select the event in which you attended, so we may process your information more effectively.

EVENT:  Kick Off Meeting: What is a Mentor? (Sept 19, 2003)
 Finding a Job: Marshalling your Resources (Oct 03, 2003)
 Resumes and Interviews (Nov 07, 2003)
 Managing a Career? (Dec 05, 2003)

Rating the Event  

How would you rate the event's overall presentation?
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I am really glad I came!

Did you find the presentation very informative?
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Waste of time
A wealth of valuable info

How would you rate the event's social hour, and networking?
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Would you attend another MIS Mentoring Program Event?
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Not Really
It's already in my planner

What were your likes: 

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