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IS Mentoring Program
c/o Information Systems Area, College of Business Administrations
211 Computer Center Building
University of Missouri - St.Louis
Phone: 314-516-6267
Fax: 314-516-6827

Faculty Advisor  

Dr. Joseph Rottman2009 - Present
Dr. Vicki Sauter2006 - 2009

Alumni Advisory Board  

Michael Coats2006 - 2012
Anna Calvert2007 - 2010
Sean Dulle2007 - 2010
Steven Dunn2003 - 2009
Scott Millar2007 - 2010
Barbara Nelson2003 - 2009
Tom O'Hanlon2002 - 2009
Alan Shenberg2002 - 2009
Craig Tope2007 - 2010

Student Officers  

Katie VogelPresident
Tristan HansonVice President
Charles DickinsonTreasurer


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