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Please fill out the information below and paste your resume, in text format, in the textbox below. Once submitted, our volunteers will review your resume and share any constructive criticism with you. Please understand this is a free service to members of the Mentorship Program at University of Missouri St. Louis, and students in the MIS/CS degree program at UMSL, who wish to take advantage of services offered by the mentorship program. We only ask these students to consider joining the program to receive the full experience. To submit your resume, press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form. Use the RESET button at the bottom of the form to clear the input fields if you want to start over.

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If you are submitting a new resume or revising an existing one, the MIS Mentoring Program will be hosting an event titled: Resumes and Interviews on November 07, 2003, to assist you in creating a powerful resume.

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