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Mission Statement  

To broaden the horizon of MIS students by enhancing their exposure to the IS industry and expanding their opportunities for career development and professional networking through interaction with IS practitioners.

The program also provides a mechanism that allows UMSL alumni practitioners the opportunity to contribute to the University and the community by sharing their experiences and working knowledge with future MIS graduates.


About the MIS Mentoring Program  

Pioneered in Spring 1994 by Michael Aufdembrink (MS in MIS, 1991), The MIS Mentoring Program exists to add value to the MIS students at UM-St. Louis by enhancing their industry perspectives and extending their professional network. To view a summary of Mike's original vision for the program, please read Opportunity's Knocking .... Thanks for Opening the Door!

The program is run by a body of (elected) student officers, a faculty advisor with the guidance of an Advisory Board composed of MIS alumni. Each UM-St. Louis MIS student who so requests will have access to a list of mentors in the program. (They can choose a mentor that matches their technical/professional interests.) You can find a listing of proteges already enrolled in the program on-line.