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Interviewing Tips

A list of interviewing support and resource links below will assist you in the interviewing process. If you have a favorite interviewing support site or article, we would like to hear from you. Please send us your suggestion(s).

General Interviewing Advice  

HHow to Interview Effectively
HBest Impression: Interview to Get the Job
HDressing for the Job Interview
HInterviewing to Take Home the Gold
HAcing Your Tech Interview
HUsing School Experiences in Behavioral Interviews
HWhat to Do before the Big Interview
HWhat to Say When it's Your Turn to Ask Questions in an Interview
HThe Job Interview
HInterview basics
HAnswering tough interview questions

Special Types of Interviews  

HTypes of interviews
HEffectively Negotiating Salary Packages
HHow to Explore Careers Through Informational Interviewing
HThe Advantages of Informational Interviews
HWhen and How to Discuss Salary During an Interview
HInterview Etiquette

Career Fairs  

HCareer Fairs
HNavigating a job fair
HGet the most from your efforts at tech job fairs
HMore 'real' truths about tech job fairs
H5 Things Not to Do at a Career Fair
H5 Things to Take Away From a Career Fair
HHow to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs
HLearn How to Perform a One-Minute Miracle


HHandling Illegal Interview Questions
HTen Questions You Should Never be Asked in an Interview
HVirtual interview
HProfessional Etiquette Tips
HDress & Etiquette