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The College of Business is NOT be admitting new students for the Information Systems Ph.D. emphasis. 
The program is inactive due to budgetary cuts.

The Ph.D. emphasis in Logistics & Supply Chain Management is accepting applications for new Ph.D. students for matriculation.

Business/Research Foundation
Supporting Field
Inf Sys Classes

The Ph.D. in the College of Business Administration requires a minimum of 69 course credit hours and a minimum of 6 dissertation credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree. To ensure sufficient background for doctoral-level courses, students must demonstrate appropriate competence in quantitative reasoning, which is evidenced through completion of Econ 3150 and BA 5000 or their equivalent. Students must also demonstrate appropriate competence in managerial communication, which is evident through completion of BA 5100 or equivalent to be determined by the Director of the Ph.D. Program in Business Administration.
Business & Research Foundation Requirement: 
9 Courses (27 credit hours)
Inf Sys 5800: Management Information Systems 1
Log OM 5300: Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions 1
BA 5900: Law, Ethics, and Business 1
Acctg 5400: Financial and Managerial Accounting 1
Fin 6500: Financial Management 1
Mgmt 5600: Organizational Behavior and Administrative Processes 1
Mktg 5700: Contemporary Marketing Concepts 1
Log OM 5320: Production and Operations Management 1
Log OM 7300: Statistical Modeling
Supporting Coursework Requirement: (9 credit hours)
Students must take 9 credit hours of graduate-level courses (within or outside the College of Business Administration) beyond the foundation coursework and outside the major area (IS). In taking these courses, students can pursue one of the following two options, as approved by the Chair of the IS Ph.D. Committee: (a) 9 credit hours of graduate-level courses beyond foundation course work in a supporting field approved by the Chair of the IS Ph.D. Committee. (b) 9 credit hours of doctoral-level (in exceptional circumstances, such as prerequisite requirements, a maximum of 3 of these 9 credit hours could be through a masters-level course) approved by the Chair of the IS Ph.D. Committee.
IS Coursework 
(10 courses -- 30 credit hours)


Required IS Courses:
Inf Sys 6805: Applications of Programming for Business Solutions
Inf Sys 6836: Telecommunications: Design and Management
Inf Sys 6840: Information Systems Analysis
Inf Sys 6845: Database Management Systems
Inf Sys 7021: Qualitative Methods and Philosophical Foundations of Business Administration Research
Inf Sys 7890: IS research seminar
Inf Sys 7891: Quantitative research methods in IS
Inf Sys 7892: Doctoral Seminar in Current Information Systems Topics
Inf Sys 7893: Special Topics in IS
Inf Sys 7894: Theoretical Foundations of Information Systems Research
Electives: Students are required to take 6 credit hours (2 courses not included elsewhere) from the list of approved elective courses for the IS Emphasis. They include:
Log OM 5301: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Log OM 6840: Experimental and Survey Design and Analysis
Inf Sys 6806: Managerial Applications of Object-Oriented Technologies
Inf Sys 6807: Business Programming and File Systems
Inf Sys 6808: Internet Programming for Business
Inf Sys 6838: Business Processes: Design, Management and Implementation
Inf Sys 6846: Management of Global Sourcing
Inf Sys 6847: IS Financial and Project Management
Inf Sys 6848: Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
Inf Sys 6881: Management of Transnational Information Systems
Inf Sys 6831: Internship in Advanced MIS Applications
Inf Sys 6837: Information Systems Architecture
Inf Sys 6835: IT-Enabled Business
Inf Sys 6832: Information Systems Strategy
Inf Sys 6850: Information Systems Design
Inf Sys 6833: Decision Support Systems
Inf Sys 6834: Fourth Generation Languages and End-User Computing

Students must satisfy all Graduate School requirements.


1 The first eight courses (6800, 5300, 5900, 5400, 6500, 5600, 5700, 5320) will normally be waived if students have a UMSL MBA, MS in MISIS, or MAcc degree, or had equivalent graduate coursework at an institution approved by the Graduate Business Programs Office and the Ph.D. Coordinator.