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The College of Business is NOT be admitting new students for the Information Systems Ph.D. emphasis. 
The program is inactive due to budgetary cuts.

The Ph.D. emphasis in Logistics & Supply Chain Management is accepting applications for new Ph.D. students for matriculation.

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Admission decisions will be based on

. official GMAT or GRE scores,
. official academic transcripts indicating the student's academic achievements (including GPA and performance in courses related to IS and business),
. three letters of recommendation (preferably two from individuals with earned doctorates),
. prior work experience, and
. a statement of purpose for pursuing the Ph.D. in Business/IS (1-2 pages).

To ensure sufficient background for doctoral-level courses, students must demonstrate appropriate competence in quantitative reasoning, which is evident through completion of courses equivalent to UMSL's Econ 4105,BA 5001, and BA 5002. The economic courses can be waived if students have intermediate macroeconomic and microeconomic courses at the undergraduate level.