The IS Advisory Board has a number of committees, which focus on particular projects. These committees are:

Executive Committee:
David Burlis, Express Employment Professionals, President
Kristin Tucker, TDK Technologies, LLC, President-Elect
Margaret Shoptaw, Dell, Past-President
Paul Boal, Mercy, Past-President
Vicki Sauter, Faculty
Curriculum Committee:
Paul Boal, Mercy, Chair
Mike Aufdembrink, The Outsource Group
Bryan Garcia, ITEN STL
Judy Marth, The Boeing Company
Margaret Shoptaw, Dell
Dustin Wilcox, Centene
Mimi Duncan, Faculty
Dinesh Mirchandani, Faculty
      Assessment Sub-Committee:
     Mark Zimmerman, Chair
     Paul Eveld, Technology Partners
     Joe Rottman, Faculty   
Development Committee:
Sheila Burkett, <a href="">Spry Digital</a> Chair
David Burlis, Express Employment Professionals
Vicki Sauter, Faculty
Beth Krumm, University Development
Nellie LaVigne, University Development
Membership Committee:
Margaret Shoptaw, Dell, Chair
Kristin Tucker, TDK Technologies, LLC
Precollegiate Recruitment Committee:
Amy Deiters, Enterprise Holdings, Inc., Chair
Joe Parker, MasterCard
Melissa Ronning, Wells Fargo
Kristin Tucker, TDK Technologies, LLC
Drew Griffin, Admissions
Publicity Committee:
Jay Knobbe, Ameren, Chair
Paul Boal, Mercy Health System
Charlie Moore, Express Scripts
Joe Parker, Mastercard
Greg Schlake AT&T
Paul VanDillen, PCI Staffing
Lisa Yanker, IBM
Mark Zimmerman
Beth Krumm, University Development
Jennifer Hatton, University Communications
Xtreme IT! (Summer Academy) Committee:
Lisa Yanker, IBM, Co-Chair
Ray Creely, IBM - Retired, Co-Chair
Laura Baur, Microsoft
Susan Harris, The Boeing Company
Jay Knobbe, Ameren
Mark Zimmerman, Independent Consultant
Sam Bennett, The Boeing Company
Kayvan Lavasani, Edward Jones
Vicki Sauter, Faculty
Drew Griffin, Admissions


Research-Industry Projects Committees:   Read the 2003 Project Report