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The Evening MBA program at The University of Missouri - Saint Louis is designed to educate a well-rounded business professional. It is flexible enough to accommodate the person who seeks a general, broad-ranging knowledge of business, as well as one who seeks to obtain an emphasis area in a specific discipline. The "generalist" course of study includes no emphasis area, and provides a solid grounding in all of the functional areas of business.

Program Foundations
The "Generalist" course of study is as follows. If you possess an undergraduate degree in a non-business discipline, you will develop a foundation for further study by completing courses in the traditional functional areas of business: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, International Business and Marketing, Operations Management (18 hours).

Next, your quantitative, statistical and communications skills will be developed and honed in three additional courses (9 hours). Then, to ensure that you understand the current context of business operations, the MBA program requires courses in Economics and Law, Ethics, and Business (6 hours).

These functional, skill development, and contextual courses form the general requirements and core of MBA study. Depending on one's academic background, the length of the MBA program may range from 39 to 54 credit hours. (Recent undergraduate business majors will be able to waive much of the foundation course work. Specific information on the criteria used for waiving core courses is available at our waiver guidelines page.) Beyond the core, you will take 3 business breadth courses (9 hours) which focus on advanced topics in the functional areas listed above. And, during your final semester, all of the threads are brought together in the program's capstone course, Strategic Formulation Implementation (3 hours).

Adding 9-24 hours of elective courses brings the entire program of study to a total of 39-54 credit hours. An outline of the program and you can click on the course number for more course descriptions.

Emphasis Areas
For the person who chooses to narrow the focus of his/her graduate studies, we offer Emphasis Areas in Accounting, Finance, Information SystemsInternational Business, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management, Marketing and Operations Management.

An Emphasis Area is analogous to a "major" in an undergraduate program, and can be very useful if you are seeking greater knowledge in a particular discipline.

Graduate Certificates
Additionally, by choosing your course of study judiciously, you may earn a graduate certificate in Business Administration, Business Intelligence, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Human Resources Management , Logistics and Supply Chain Management, or Marketing Management, without adding appreciably to your total course requirement. (The amount of additional coursework, will, of course, vary depending on your academic background.)

Of course, you may choose to earn a graduate certificate without completing a masters degree program. Please contact us for admission requirements.

Other Considerations
Please note that a maximum of 9 hours of credit may be transferred from another AACSB-accredited graduate business program. We also have a residence requirement: You must take 30 hours of coursework while enrolled as an MBA degree candidate at UM-St. Louis. Most of the courses in the Traditional MBA program are scheduled in the evenings, with some courses scheduled on Saturdays. (The Professional MBA program, on the other hand, meets one weekend (Friday-Saturday) per month.)

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