The Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree program is intended for students preparing to enter the accounting profession as well as for those seeking to further their existing accounting careers. Designed to accommodate both undergraduate accounting majors and students with other undergraduate backgrounds, the program permits students to take a generalized course of study in accounting or a specialized course of study in income taxation. Of particular importance for those aspiring to a position in public accounting is the recent law passed by the State of Missouri that requires, effective in 1999, 150 hours of college study for eligibility to sit for the Certified Public Accounting Examination.

The MAcc degree requires at least one research course, at least one accounting seminar which is related to the research course, two graduate-level accounting electives, one additional accounting course, and at least two additional graduate-level non-accounting electives.

The MAcc program may require as few as 30 hours for students with recent undergraduate accounting majors and as many as 69 hours for students with no previous business and accounting study. Most of our students are working full time, so classes are generally scheduled in the evening. See MAcc program outline for details about the program structure.