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Marketing Courses

1. Required core course:

MKTG 3700 Basic Marketing

2. A student must complete at least 6 courses (18 hours) selected from the following:

A) Four from:

MKTG 3710 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 3720 Management of Promotion
MKTG 3721 Internet Marketing
MKTG 3750 Sales Management
MKTG 3760 Business to Business Marketing
MKTG 3770 Introduction to Transportation
MKTG 3771 Traffic and Transportation Management
MKTG 3780 International Marketing
MKTG 3785 Women in International Management
MKTG 3787 Doing business in Europe
MKTG 3790 Internship in Marketing
MKTG 3798 Topic: Aviation in American Life
MKTG 3798 Topic: Domestic Transportation
MKTG 3798 Topic: Economics of Transportation
MKTG 3798 Topic: Railroads in American Life
MKTG 3798 Topic: Seminar in International Marketing

B) Two courses:

MKTG 3740 Marketing Analysis
MKTG 4700
Marketing Management (The Capstone Course)

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