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Finance and Legal Studies Department

Gaiyan ZhangFinance and Legal Studies is a multi-disciplinary field that combines various concepts from management, economics and accounting with financial techniques to make sound business decisions and solve problems. There are many business situations in both large and small companies that require knowledge of the latest financial practices and tools. Generally, these applications involve investing (using funds) or financing (raising funds). As a result, the field is comprised of a number of areas including corporate finance, investments, financial institutions and services (banking, insurance, real estate) and personal financial planning.

Over the last two decades, the field of finance has become increasingly technical and specialized. Employers recruiting for financial positions not only require candidates to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in finance, but they also want new employees to exhibit skills and experience beyond those typically found in a traditional academic environment. As a result, professional licensing or certification has become one of the most widely recognized means of demonstrating core competency. Consequently, the finance program at The University of Missouri - Saint Louis carefully integrates finance tracks into the curriculum to enable students to complete their academic degrees while at the same time providing the in-depth knowledge necessary for taking professional certification exams. Our program is designed to accelerate professional development and provide students with superior credentials to qualify them for skilled positions in a highly competitive job market.

Gaiyan Zhang, Ph.D.
Chair of Department of Finance and Legal Studies
Professor of Finance


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