Finance Courses

FINANCE 1590 Personal Financial Planning
FINANCE 3500 Financial Management
FINANCE 3501 Financial Policies
FINANCE 3502 Treasury Management
FINANCE 3503 Computer Applications in Finance
FINANCE 3520 Investments
FINANCE 3521 Financial Risk Management
FINANCE 3525 Practicum in Investments
FINANCE 3540 Financial Services Industry and Services
FINANCE 3541 Commercial Bank Management
FINANCE 3542 Principles of Real Estate
FINANCE 3560 Practice of Personal Financial Planning
FINANCE 3561 Principles of Insurance
FINANCE 3562 Life Insurance
FINANCE 3563 Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits
FINANCE 3564 Estate Planning and Trust
FINANCE 3580 International Corporate Finance
FINANCE 3582 International Investments
FINANCE 3590 Practicum in Finance
FINANCE 3599 Independent Study in Finance
FINANCE 6500 Financial Management
FINANCE 6501 Advanced Financial Management
FINANCE 6520 Security Analysis
FINANCE 6521 Introduction to Derivatives
FINANCE 6540 Capital Markets & Institutions
FINANCE 6541 Commercial Bank Management
FINANCE 6542 Real Estate
FINANCE 6580 International Finance, Investments & Commercial Relations
FINANCE 6581 International Investments
FINANCE 6590 Seminar in Finance
FINANCE 6591 Finance Internship


Legal Studies Courses

BUS AD 2900  Legal Environment of Business
BUS AD 3900  Business Law: Contracts, Sales, Secured Transactions, Bankruptcy
BUS AD 3990  Internship in Business Law
BUS AD 3999  Independent Study in Legal Studies
BUS AD 5900  Law, Ethics, and Business
BUS AD 5198  Seminar in Business Administration