Sandra Van Trease, a 1982 College of Business Administration graduate is Group President for BJC HealthCare.  Join us for a symposium to discuss health care reform including the impact of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Expansion, and the implications for health care in our communities.  We will dive deep into how health care systems are adjusting to the “new” normal and the impact these changes are having on patients, providers, and the larger community.

Breakfast and Business

Thursday, May 1, 2014
7:30 – Breakfast and Networking
8:00 - Program
BJC Learning Institute
8300 Eager Road
St. Louis, MO  63144
Lower Level, Auditorium

Discussion Leader: Sandra Van Trease, Group President
BJC HealthCare

Sandra Van Trease

Topic: “Health Care Reform:  The “New” Normal and the Impact of Change"

The task of keeping up with current trends in business requires effort every day.  Breakfast and Business offers friends and alumni of the UMSL College of Business Administration a chance to multi task.  Here you can network with fellow business people, grab a quick bite to eat and learn something about a current topic in the world of business.  This is our chance to play a small role in helping you keep up.  We look forward to you joining us so that we can all learn together.

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