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Outstanding Marketing Student Awards

These awards are presented to students in the marketing area with outstanding ability and scholarship. The students, who can be undergraduate or graduate students, are selected by the marketing faculty and receive a cash prize.

The 2011 recipient is: Patrick Chew

Previous Recipients

Year Recipient
1994 Donna K. Womack
1995 Michael J. Sullivan
1996 Sean M. McKessy
1997 Gary D. Rodenberg
1998 Jeannette S. Mueller
1999 Melissa J. Bunch
Ryan P. House
Lia M. Virdure
2000 Susan B. Elliott
David C. Wert
2001 Melanie Francois
Scott A. Woods
2002 Paul Van de Reit
Janice M. Stefanus
2003 Hannah E. Soaib
Tejal A. Choksi
2004 Gregory T. Bowe
2008 Emily Oldani
Aldis Jakubovskis
2009 Lisa Brinker
2010 Anne Sabean