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Outstanding Management Student Awards

These awards are presented to students in the management area based on outstanding ability and scholarship. The students, who can be either undergraduate or graduate students, are selected by the management faculty and receive a cash prize.

The 2003-2004 recipient is:
Elizabeth A. Maddox

Previous Recipients

Year Recipient
1976  Mary L. Buncher
1977 Susan K. Young
1978 Steve A. Werner
1979 David H. Hoff
1980 Lynne M. Krist
Richard S. Olszewski
1981 Janet A. Hoog
Sanford A. Koenig
1982 David R. Baranowski
David G. Macher
1983 Janet L. Braunels
Marilyn K. Primm
1984 William L. McCulley
Betty J. Ernst
1985 Terri L. Brock
Ron D. Hovis
1986 Kathryn D. Sylvester
Philip J. Cernuto
1987 Carol A. Martin
Suzanne F. Wilson
1988 Beth A. Campbell
Thomas J. Castro
1989 Jeanne R. Rowland
Carol O. Milner
1990 Danielle M. Marty
Lorraine M. Tiffin
1991 Mary C. Scaturro
Tori A. Fend
1992 Craig J. Franzi
Valerie F. Siegfried
1993 Bonnie Jo Jones
Robert L. Masterson
1994 Deborah A. Heinz
Donnal S. Sokolowski
1995 Theresa L. Terry
Angela M. Shaulis
1996 Brian J. Lawton
Maria G. Dignam
1997 Patricia A. Crouse
Julie B. Wulff
1998 Margaret J. Lee
Steven C. Peppers
1999 Jennifer D. Ehlen
Stephanie L. Wolf
2000 Zaid Al-Hadhrami
Anne Weber
2001 William P. Cacheris
2002 Matthew S. Bober
Matthew W. Doell
2003 Kimin Susan Kim
Grace Sotomayor
2008 Jamie Kuttenkuler
Stephanie Metz