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David R. Ganz Accounting Scholarship

These scholarships are based upon academic achievement.


  • Awards shall be made to non-traditional students, meaning those individuals returning to college or entering college not immediately after high school,
  • Recipients shall be enrolled full-time, therefore taking a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester,
  • Recipients must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 (A=4.0) grade point average, and be pursuing a degree with an emphasis in accounting,
  • Recipients are eligible for renewal of the award provided they have maintained a grade point average of 3.0 or above. However, previous recipients shall not be given preference over new candidates.

Selection of the recipients and other pertinent details, including number and amount of awards, shall be determined by the accounting faculty within the accepted rules and regulations of the St. Louis Campus Office of Student Financial Aid.

The 2011 recipients are:

Christina Strange
Heather Bausch

Previous Recipients

Year Recipient
1987 Jacqueline J. Quick
1988 Bruce L. Eikmann
1989 Mei F. Lam
1990 Michael D. Conway
1991 Kevin Kam-wah Wong
1992 David N. Dagenais
1993 Julie K. Summa
1994 Rhonda S. Pulse
1995 Dai Su
1996 Stacy A. Pettigrew
1997 Jennifer Bien
Joseph A. Becker
1998 Kelly J. Zabel
Michele E. Koelling
1999 Patricia M. Grob
Pamela A. Moss
Margie M. Grabsky
2000 David B. Giles
Jennifer L. Arnold
Christopher G. Behymer
2001 Melissa A. Sherer
Allison R. Shinn
Jeremy T. Triefenbach
2002 Zerazion T. Kidane
R. Elaine Sedeora
2003 Lori E. Farley
Jennifer A. Stolpa
2004  Andrea Myers
2005  James Whyte
2006 Charlene Kennedy
2007 Angie Leahy
2008 Angie Leahy
2009 Justin Antonacci
Stephanie McDonald
Lisandro Fabellar
Sarah Tomaro
Jason Rottler
Tomoko Yanase
2010 Laura Schellhase
Anne-Marie Vaughan
Lance Simon