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Awards and Scholarships

The following awards and scholarships are bestowed upon College of Business Administration students for outstanding achievement. Click on the title for more information about the award/scholarship, and a list of past recipients.

General Scholarships
Randy Sanderson Scholarship
Jay H. Nilson Memorial Scholarship
Edward Jones Scholarship

Arthur Mayer Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Sandra and Virgil Van Trease Reach For Excellence Scholarship in Business Administration
Keith J. Elliott and Ruth Hollander Elliott Scholarship
College of Business Administration Alumni Association Scholarship
Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship 
Merit Scholarship

Anheuser-Busch Employees Scholarship

Joe and Marie Porter Scholarship

Emery C. Turner Scholarship
Driemeier Scholarship
Keith J. Elliot and Ruth Hollander Elliot Undergraduate Scholarship
Faculty Friends Undergraduate Scholarship in Business Administration and Economics
John and Helen Martinich Student-Athlete Scholarship
Friends of the College of Business Administration Scholarship

Boeing Scholarships

J.Cole Award
The Steven Novik Scholarship in Business
Schuermann Family Scholarship
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Scholarships
Chunn Family Scholarship
Donna Denner Accounting Scholarship

Accounting Scholarships
Ira Bergman Accounting Scholarship
Dilg Family Scholarship 
Edward and Catherine Condon Accounting Scholarship
RubinBrown Accounting Scholarship
KPMG Accounting Scholarship
David R. Ganz Accounting Scholarship

Accounting Alumni Scholarship

Albert W. Haskell Memorial Accounting Scholarship

Terry Killian Accounting Scholarship

Anita Palmer Corbin Scholarship
Ernst & Young Accounting Scholarship
BKD Accounting Scholarships

Noel K. Mahr Graduate Accounting Scholarship

Jack Cox Accounting Scholarship

Campbell Family Accounting Scholarship
Norbert Terre Memorial Scholarship

MPP&W Accounting Scholarship
KPMG Undergraduate Accounting Scholarship
St. Louis Society of Women Certified Public Accountants Scholarship
KPMG Accounting and Information Systems Scholarship
KPMG Graduate Accounting Scholarship
Mueller Prost Accounting Scholarship

Finance Scholarships
Anita Palmer Corbin Scholarship
Mindy Griffin Finance Scholarship
Ethan A.H. Shepley Jr. Community Banking Award
Cassidy Turley Martin Tucker Scholarship

Financial Edecutives International Scholarship
Jean Shelley Accounting Scholarships
Cassidy Turley Martin Tucker Graduate Assistantships
Student Invest Trust-Kenneth Locke Advisor Award
Student Investment Trust Student's Award

International Business Scholarships
David P. Gustafson Memorial Scholarship for Overseas Study
Maria Maddalena Chi Chun Chan Memorial Scholarships
International Business Scholarship
International Business Advisory Board Scholarship

IS Scholarships
ASM Gateway Scholarship
IS Alumni Scholarship

Accenture Alumni Scholarship for Outstanding IS Students

SIM Scholarship

LOM Scholarships
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Markland Scholarship
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Scholarship
A.C.Ingersoll Memorial Fellowship in Transportation Studies
Boeing Fellowships

Marketing Scholarships
Dik Twedt Marketing Scholarship
Outstanding Marketing Student Award

MBA Scholarships
Graduate Business Scholarship

Outstanding Student Citation
Outstanding Marketing Student Award

Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Outstanding Management Student Award
Outstanding Finance Student Award

Information Systems Outstanding Student Award

Wall Street Journal Award
Logistics and Operations Management Outstanding Graduate Student

For more information about these awards and scholarships,
contact Jane Ferrell at 516-5883.