This scholarship is based upon academic ability.


  • Recipients of the scholarship shall be currently enrolled at the University of Missouri-St. Louis pursuing a degree through the College of Business Administration,
  • Recipients shall have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale,
  • Selection of recipient(s) shall be based on merit,
  • Recipients are eligible for renewal of the award provided they continue to meet the criteria.

The 2013 recipient is: Ben Enegren

Previous Recipients

Year Recipient
2001 Jessica Rapp
2002 Candice M. Gerling
2003 Bethel H. Mulugeta
2004 Jacqualine Summer
2005 Brian Checksfield
2006 Yael Gilboa
2007  Lisa Brinker
2008 Boris Simic
2009 Melissa Bentrup
2010 Meghan Gardner
2011 Jahnene Nicks
2012 Brenden McKamey