The scholarship was established by a College of Business Administration alumna in memory of her father. It is based upon academic achievement.


Selection of the recipients and other pertinent details, including number and amount of awards, shall be by individuals from the accounting faculty and in accordance with the accepted rules and regulations within the St. Louis Campus Office of Student Financial Aid.

The 2013 recipients are:

Jing Liu
Chris Wallace

Previous Recipients

Year Recipient
1993 Kris A. Hollenberg
1994 Eileen L. Schaffrin
1995 Chris E. Eddy
1996 Deborah L. Rickert
1997 John M. Adams
1998 Jamie S. Hanak
1999 Craig D. Uhlig
2000 Jacob R. Lindquist
2001 John M. Adams
2002 Selena K. Lambich
2003 Charles M. Stegeman, Jr.
2004 Cory Penn
2005 Duy Bui
2006 Ryan Dodson
2007 Emily Ellis
2008 Matk Sailor
2009 Olena Janikow
2010 Jeffrey Corns
2011 Elizabeth Mantia
2012 Allison Winston