This scholarship is based upon academic achievement.


The student shall be selected by a scholarship committee identified by the Accounting Area of the College of Business Administration, and shall be in accordance with the written rules and regulations of the Office of Student Financial Aid at the University of Missouri - St. Louis.

The 2013 recipient is: Ryan Merckel

Previous Recipients

Year Recipient
1983 Mary C. Carusa
John W. O'Shaughnessy
1984 Barbara J. Otto
1985 Joseph A. Siebert
Debbie M. Neumann
1986 William E. Welsh
Patricia G. Alsop
1987 Christine Y. Hughes
Margaret Hines
1988 Jarrett A. Estes
Michele A. Moss
1989 Vicky L. Schjenken
1990 Lucinda M. Niebur
1991 Terry J. Kuper
1992 Michele M. Zahner
1993 Karen J. Korn
1994 Todd R. Murray
1995 Reiko Bartz
1996 Christine M. Shepard
1997 Michele Dagenais
1998 Whitney P. Mintert
1999 Antoinette V. Napoli
2000 Carey L. Merzlicker
2001 David J. Muich
2002 Chun Li
2003 Kajal Agrawal
2004 Kristen Mitchell
2005 Neringa Bandzeviciute
2006 Bora Top
2007 Rachell Kotva
2008 Corinn Kelley
2009 Cara Monroe
2010 Ju Yang
2011 David Kowalczyk
2012 Lan Lin