This scholarship is donated by The Association for Systems Management, and is awarded to students pursuing an MIS degree.


The 2013 recipient is: Gregory Smith

Previous Recipients

Year Recipient
1980 Kerry A. McDaniel
1991 Mark R. Mudrovic
1992 Lesa M. Lupo
1993 Kathleen M. Swanson
1994 Patrice R. Bradley
1995 Tiffanni M. Sanders
1996 David A. Friedrichs
Mark E. Gamby
1998 Eric M. Edgar
1999 Laurel L. Hrabar
2000 David Le
2001 Joseph Ellerson
2002 David C. Grieshaber
2003 Kathryn B. Freeman
Thomas A. Ulrich
2004 Anosh Wadia
2008 Bakari Cooper
2008 Daniel Anthony
2010 Daniel Anthony
Ryan Krapfl
2011 Katie Reece
2012 Robert John Perez