The Financial Management Association International-National Honor Society (FMA-NHS) is an international organization that was founded in the mid-1960's. Originally, the purpose of the organization was to bring together domestic finance professors and practitioners to share research and ideas. As the FMA grew in importance and size finance students were invited to participate in convention activities and to join student chapters founded at recognized universities. In the 1970's the FMA established rules for student chapters to offer top students membership in the NHS. In 1996 the FMA expanded internationally. Each year a convention in held in the United States and in a selected foreign country. Expanded emphasis has been placed on international studies and issues. The FMA publishes several journals including Financial Management, the Journal of Financial Practice and Education, and Financial Collection.

FMA is head quartered in Tampa Florida at the University of South Florida. Students receive a subscription to several FMA publications as well as a copy of Careers in Finance. The cost of membership is $35 per year. NHS members receive a certificate and a pin in addition to the other benefits. The rules for membership in the NHS are as follows:

Undergraduate students must have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 as well as a 3.25 GPA in six hours of finance related course work. The same requirements apply to graduate students except a 3.50 GPA is required.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) established a chapter of the FMA-NHS in 1988 and has been under the guidance of Dr. D'Anne Hancock, Associate Professor of Finance. Twice each year Dr. Hancock invites members from the business community, alumni and professors to network with the honor students. At the May networking party students are presented with their certificate and pin. No other regular activities are scheduled. A list of allowable finance courses is below:

BA 140 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
BA 204 Financial Management
BA 207 Practicum in Investments
BA 332 Principles of Insurance
BA 334 Investments
BA 335 Risk Management
BA 336 Treasury Management
BA 337 Principles of Real Estate
BA 350 Financial Policies
BA 351 Computers in Finance
BA 355 Financial Services Industry and Instruments
BA 356 Commercial Bank Management
BA 380 International Finance
BA 395 Topics in Finance
BA 416 International Finance, Investment, and Commercial Relations
BA 445 Financial and Managerial Accounting
BA 450 Financial Management
BA 451 Advanced Financial Management
BA 455 Security Analysis
BA 456 Capital Markets and Financial Institutions
BA 457 Introduction to Derivatives
BA 458 Commercial Bank Management

Additional information can be obtained about the FMA or NHS by contacting the faculty advisor at or by contacting the national office at or

In 1999, Dr. Hancock established the UM-St. Louis Finance Honor Society (FHS). The admittance requirements are exactly the same as for the FMA-NHS. There are two differences between the two groups: (1) the FHS is cost free and the (2) FHS is local not national. Naturally, the publications offered by the FMA are not available to students in the FHS. Membership in the FMA-NHS automatically includes membership in the FHS but the reverse is NOT the case. That is, membership in the FHS does not include membership in the FMA-NHS. The purpose for the addition of the FHS is to provide students with a no-cost alternative to the FMA-NHS.