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Ms. Deborah L. Douglas


Deborah L. DouglasManaging Director
Douglas Group

Deborah Douglas is the Managing Director of the Douglas Group, one of the leaders today in private company mergers and acquisitions. The firm represents closely held business owners in the sale of their businesses and periodically assists large corporate acquirers in acquisition planning and in very specific and focused business search endeavors. For the past 17 years, Douglas Group has achieved a remarkable success rate for its clients, and in the aggregate has closed transactions with totals well over $500 million in total transaction consideration.

Ms. Douglas began practicing in the Merger and Acquisition arena in the late 1970's as a by-product of her function with one of the major international CPA firms. She was with Deloitte Touche, where she served as an Audit Partner, and later the firm's Regional Director of Merger & Acquisition Activities. Ms. Douglas has been a dedicated and energetic contributor in professional circles, having served as a Board Member and as President of the Missouri State Board of Accountancy, Chairperson of the Board's Positive Enforcement Task Force, Board Member and Past President of the National Association of Accountants, a member of the Executive Committee for the Missouri Society of CPA's, and an Advisory Board Member for the CPA/Law Forum

Ms. Douglas is a published author, of the book "Cashing In" by Word Association Press, which has reached best-seller status in business-oriented venues. She is frequently asked to speak at varied industry and trade events, and often serves as breakfast or luncheon speaker for general business forums. She has been published in numerous trade and business periodicals, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Profit Magazine, and others.