Frank Q. FuFrank Q. Fu
Associate Professor
Office: 1301 Tower - Voice: 314-516-6424

 Degrees Held:
Ph.D. (Marketing), University of Houston
M.B.A. (Marketing), University of Rochester



  • Areas: Sales Force Management and Marketing Management.
  • Courses:
    • MKTG 3700 - Basic Marketing
    • MKTG 3750 - Sales Management
    • MKTG 5795 - Seminar in Marketing
  • Areas: Sales force management; new product management; sales - marketing interface for new product success.

  • Selected significant publications:
    • Fu, Frank Q. (2015), " Motivate to Improve Salesforce Performance: the Sales Training Perspective,” Performance Improvement, forthcoming.
    • Fu, Frank Q. and Eli Jones (2015), " Bridging Research and Practice: How Sales Training Can Contribute to New Product Launch Success,” Performance Improvement, forthcoming.
    • Schrock, Wyatt, Douglas Hughes, Frank Q. Fu, Keith Richards, and Eli Jones (2015), “Better Together: Trait Competitiveness and Competitive Psychological Climate as Antecedents of Salesperson Organizational Commitment and Sales Performance," Marketing Letters, forthcoming.
    • Chen, Yuwen and Frank Q. Fu (2014), “The Behavioral Consequences of Service Quality: An Empirical Study in the Chinese Retail Pharmacy Industry," Health Marketing Quarterly, forthcoming.
    • Fu, Frank Q., Hong Yi, and Nanji Zhai (2013), " Training to Improve New Product Sales Performance: The Case of Samsung in China,” Performance Improvement, May, forthcoming.
    • Fu, Frank Q. and Michael T. Elliott (2012), "The Moderating Effect of Perceived Product Innovativeness and Product Knowledge on New Product Adoption: An Integrated Model," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, forthcoming.
    • Elliott, Michael T., Frank Q. Fu, and Paul S. Speck (2012), “Information Search and Purchase Patterns in a Multichannel Service Industry,” Services Marketing Quarterly, Vol. 33 (4), 292-310.
    • Richards, Keith A. and Frank Q. Fu (2012), " Salesperson Attributions: Evaluating the Impact of the Timing of Prior Actions," Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, forthcoming, Vol. 17. (March).
    • Fu, Frank Q., Keith A. Richards, Douglas E. Hughes, and Eli Jones (2010), "Motivating Salespeople to Sell New Products: The Relative Influence of Attitudes, Subjective Norms and Self-Efficacy," Journal of Marketing, 74 (6), (November), 61-76.
    • Jones, Eli, Keith A. Richards, Diane Halstead, and Frank Q. Fu (2009), "Developing a Strategic Framework of Key Account Performance," Journal of Strategic Marketing, 17 (3-4), 221-235.
    • Fu, Frank Q., Keith Richards, and Eli Jones (2009), "The Motivation Hub: Effects of Goal Setting and Self-Efficacy on Effort and New Product Sales," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 29 (3), 277-292.
    • Fu, Frank Q., Willy Bolander, and Eli Jones (2009), "Managing the Drivers of Organizational Commitment and Salesperson Effort: An Application of Meyer and Allen's Three-Component Model," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 17 (4) (Fall), 335-350.
    • Fu, Frank Q. (2009), "The Dynamic Effect of Multiple Reference Points on Salesperson Call Selection and Risk Behavior in Multiple Accounting Periods," Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, Vol. 14. (2).
    • Fu, Frank Q. (2009), "Effects of Salesperson Experience, Age, and Goal Setting on New Product Performance Trajectory: A Growth Curve Modeling Approach," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 17, 1 (winter), 7-20.
    • Elliott, Michael T. and Frank Q. Fu (2008), "Consumer Acceptance of Technology Products: The Impact of Tactical Selling Approaches," Marketing Management Journal, 18 (2), 47-64.
    • Fu, Frank Q., Eli Jones, and Willy Bolander (2008), "Product Innovativeness, Customer Newness, and New Product Performance: A Time-Lagged Examination of the Impact of Salesperson Selling Intentions on New Product Performance," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 28 (4), 351-364.
    • Cron , William L., John W. Slocum, Jr., Don VandeWalle and Frank Q. Fu (2005), "The Role of Goal Orientation on Negative Emotions and Goal Setting When Initial Performance Falls Short of One's Performance Goal," Human Performance, 18 (1), 55-80.

  • Other Information:
    • Received the following awards: The Anheuser-Bush Award for Excellence in Teaching; UMSL Faculty Summer Research Grant; UMSL Small Grant Research Award; American Marketing Association Sales SIG Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation in Personal Selling and Sales Management.
    • Editorial review board member, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.
    • American Marketing Association Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow.
    • INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Doctoral Consortium Fellow.
    • Member of the American Marketing Association 
    • Member of Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society for Collegiate Schools of Business.
    • Member of the Alpha Mu Alpha National Marketing Honorary Society.
    • Member of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).
    • Vice President of Membership and Marketing, ISPI St. Louis Chapter.
    • Vice President of Quality Assurance and Founding Member, ISPI China Chapter.
    • Worked in industry for seven years in the areas of personal selling, marketing and sales force management.