Perry Drake

Perry D. Drake
Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration
Academic Director of Programs in Business, School of Professional and Continuing Studies
Office:  206 Express Scripts Hall
Voice:  314-516-6490
Mobile:  914-299-4879

Degrees Held:

M.S. Statistics, University of Iowa, Iowa City
B.S. Economics, University of Missouri, St. Louis


  • Social and Digital Media Marketing
  • Marketing Measurement
  • Data Mining
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing Test Design
  • Public Speaking
  • Running, Biking and Swimming

Industry Presentations, Training Sessions, Panel Discussions, Webinars and Television Appearances:

  • “Uses of Social Media in Transportation,” Airport Ground Transportations Association Annual Conference, Clearwater Florida, 4/28/14
  • Panelist, Writing and Publishing Workshop, Confluence Scholars Strategy Network, University of Missouri – St. Louis, 4/24/14
  • Conference Host and Organizer:  “State of Digital Media Marketing 2014.”  April 2014.  University of Missouri, St. Louis.  Guest speakers included Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Foresee, IBM, Nielsen, Adblock Plus, CNN.
  • “Trends in the Applications of Big Data, Discovery and Technology,” Data Warehouse Institute Chapter Meeting (TDWI), St. Louis, 3/7/14
  • “Emerging Technologies and Trends,” American Marketing Association Luncheon Series, St. Louis, 3/20/14
  • “Extending Your Reach and Building a community with the use of Social Media,” AAIM Employers Association Breakfast Series, St. Louis, 1/23/14
  • “Is your usage of social media in the classroom FERPA Compliant,” Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference, University of Missouri – St. Louis, 10/25/13
  • “And then there was Vine – Social Media Trends and Applications,” St. Louis Archdiocese Youth Ministry Workshop, Keynote Speaker, 9/21/13
  • “State of Digital Media Marketing 2014,” Business and Breakfast Seminar Series, University of Missouri – St. Louis, 9/12/13
  • Conference Presenter:  “Social Media for both Personal and Professional Usage” with Jonathon Distad, Perficient.  48th Annual Middllewest Regional Nursing Conference.  April 2013.  St. Louis, MO.
  • Conference Host and Organizer:  “State of Digital Media Marketing 2013.”  April 2013.  University of Missouri, St. Louis
  • Training Session:  “Integrated Campaign Analytics, Testing & ROI” with Rhonda Drake.   A 2-day training session.  November 2013.  The Direct Marketing Association, New York, NY. 
  • Webinar:  “The Data Revolution and the Impact on Higher Education.”  An Adobe Educational Webinar.  April 5, 2012.
  • Conference Presentation:  “The Nuts and Bolts of Database Marketing -- What Every Marketer Needs to Know to be Successful in this New Digital Era”  Direct Marketing Association Luncheon. June 2010.  Long Island, NY
  • Television Interview:  CNBC “Street Signs” Interview with Erin Burnett.  Facebook vs Google.  October 2009
  • Conference Presentation:  “The Data Warehouse:  Your Key to More Profitable Customer Data” with Rhonda Drake.  Annual Business Publishing Conference and Expo.  March 2007.  New York, NY.
  • Conference Presentation:  “The Secrets of Test Design and Analysis” with Rhonda Drake.  Annual Direct Marketing Association Conference. October 2006.  San Francisco.
  • Conference Presentation:  “Building a Profit Producing Database” with Rhonda Drake.  Annual Circulation Management Conference.  June 2006,  Chicago, IL.
  • Conference Presentation:  “Demystifying the Modeling Process.”  Annual Non-Profit Conference.  August 2005.  Waldorf-Astoria, New York, NY.
  • Conference Presentation:  “The Secrets of Test Design Strategies.”  Annual DMAW Conference and Expo.  May 2005.  Washington, DC.
  • Conference Presentation:  “Maximizing ROI through Proper Testing Techniques.”  Yale Club Luncheon Sponsored by the Direct Marketing Idea Exchange.  November 2004.  New York, NY
  • Conference Presentation:  “Data Mining a Non-Profit File for High Value Donors and Planned Givers” with Rhonda Drake.  SAS Data Mining Technology Conference.  August 2004.  Las Vegas, NV.
  • Conference Presentation:  “The Best Marketing Strategies to Survive in Today’s Economy.”  Sponsored by Mercy College, Westchester Chamber of Commerce, Hudson Valley DMA, the Westchester Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, & the USPS.  April 2003.  White Plains, NY
  • Conference Presentation:  “How to Move Beyond Exhaustion of Your Outside List Options” with Rhonda Drake.  Annual National Center for Database Marketing Conference.  December 2002.  Orlando, Florida
  • Conference Presentation:  “Practical Database Marketing Applications 101.”  Direct Marketers on Call annual “Learning Forum.”  November 2002.  Time Life Building, New York, NY
  • Conference Presentation:  “Maximizing ROI through Proper Testing and Targeting” with Rhonda Drake.  Women in Direct Marketing “In the Know Forum.”   Sponsored by New York University.  September 2002.  New York, NY
  • Panel Discussion:  “Direct Mail – Where the Future Lies” panelist.  The Direct Marketing Association Circulation Days Conference.  January 2002.  New York, NY
  • Panel Discussion:  “Predicting a Profitable Future Through Outside List Modeling.”  The Direct Marketing Association List Vision Conference.  August 2000.  New York, NY.
  • Conference Presentation:  “The Art and Science of Constructing Powerful Predictors” with Rhonda Drake
  • National Center for Database Marketing Conference.  December 1999.  Orlando, Florida.


Industry Publications

  • Whitepaper:  “The Force that Facebook is – Contemplating the Monetization of Facebook”  Published May 2012
  • Interview:  “Big Data Explained” ClickZ Columnist, Heidi Cohen (named one of the top 10 social bloggers of 2011). March 7, 2012.  
  • Interview:  “Key Social Media Metrics” ClickZ columnist, Heidi Cohen, November 26, 2011.
  • Interview:  “The Future of Direct Marketing” The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), January 2009
  • Interview:  “Current State of SEM Education in the Universities” Search Engine Standard, Summer, 2007
  • Article:  “Demystifying Databases – Why and How to Build a Profit Producing Data Warehouse” Publishing Executive Magazine, May, 2007
  • Article:  “Conducting Data Audits to Ensure Integrity” DM News, February, 2006
  • Article:  “Time to Check Your Assists” Target Marketing Tipline, January, 2006
  • Article:  “Target Practice – The Science of Sample Sizes” Target Marketing Tipline, July, 2005
  • Article:  “The Importance of List Placement in the Merge/Purge Process” Target Marketing Tipline, August, 2004
  • Article:  “Best Practices:  Your Path to World-Class Direct Marketing” Target Marketing Magazine, September, 2003
  • Article:  “To Build or Not To Build a Marketing Database” Circulation Management Magazine, November, 2002
  • Article:  “Top 10 Mistakes Made by Marketers Regarding the Use of a Customer Database”             DM News, July 22, 2002
  • Article: “Modeling with MUSCLE” Inside Direct Mail, May 2000
  • Article: “Did your Marketing Test Really Beat the Control?” Inside Direct Mail, January 2000
  • Article: “Finding Your Confidence Interval” Inside Direct Mail, September 1999
  • Article: “The Importance of Proper Test Planning” DM News, August 16, 1999

Book Publications:

  • “Optimal Database Marketing”  Sage Publications, April 2002.  Co-authored with Dr. Ronald Drozdenko, Chairman, Marketing Department, Western Connecticut State University.


  • Direct Marketing Association
  • American Marketing Association
  • Direct Marketing Club of New York
  • Direct Marketing Educational Foundation – Professors Academy
  • St. Louis Track Club
  • New York Road Runners