Bindu AryaBindu Arya
Associate Professor- Strategic Management
1003 SSB Tower
College of Business Administration
University of Missouri- St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63121
Phone: 314-516-4620
Fax: 314-516-6420


Degrees Held:
Ph.D. International Management, University of Texas at Dallas, 2006
M.S. Administrative Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas, May 2002
MBA. Iowa State University, May 2000


  • Areas: Strategic Management
  • Courses:
    • MGMT 4219: Strategic Management
    • BUSAD 6990: Strategy Formulation and Implementation
    • MGMT5695: Corporate Social Responsibility in a Global Environment


  • Areas: Organizational Transformation in South Africa, Enterprise Strategy in Emerging Economies, Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa, Cross-sector Alliances and CSR learning in Multinationals
  • Selected Significant Publications:
    • Refereed Publications (Some of the articles are downloadable)
      • Johnson, J., Arya, B., and Mirchandani, D. 2013. Global integration strategies of Taiwanese SMEs: An empirical examination. Journal of World Business, (forthcoming).
      • Arya, B., and Bassi, B. 2011. Corporate Social Responsibility and Black Economic Empowerment legislation in South Africa: Codes of Good Practice. Business & Society, 50(4): 674-695.[download]
      • Arya, B., and Zhang, G. 2009. Institutional reforms and investor reactions to CSR announcements: Evidence from an emerging economy. Journal of Management Studies, 46(7): 1089-1112. [download]
      • Lin, Z., Yang, H., and Arya, B. 2009. Alliance partners and firm performance: Resource complementarity or association for legitimacy. Strategic Management Journal, 30(9): 921-940.
      • Arya, B., Bassi, B., & Phiyega, R. 2008. Transformation charters in contemporary South Africa: The case of ABSA Group Limited. Business and Society Review, 113(2): 227-251.
      • Arya, B., and Lin, Z. 2007. Understanding collaboration outcomes from an extended resource based perspective: The roles of organizational characteristics, partner attributes, and network structures. Journal of Management, 33(5): 697-723. [download]
      • Arya, B., and Salk, J. E. 2006. Cross-sector alliance learning and effectiveness of voluntary codes of corporate social responsibility. Business Ethics Quarterly, 16(2): 211-234. [download]
      • Lin, Z., Yang, H., Arya, B., Huang, Z., and Li, Dan. 2005. Structural versus individual perspectives on the dynamics of group performance: Theoretical exploration and empirical investigation. Journal of Management, 31(3): 354-381.[download]
    • Book Chapter
      • Salk, J. E., and Arya, B. 2005. Social performance learning in multinational corporations: Multicultural teams, their social capital and use of cross-sector alliances. In D. L. Shapiro, M. A. Von Glinow, and J. Cheng (Eds.), Managing multinational teams: Global perspectives. Advances in International Management, 18: 189-207.