Photo of Bud BanisRobert J. "Bud" Banis, Ph.D., C.M.A
Adjunct Associate Professor of Business


Degrees Held:

M.B.A. (Marketing & Finance), University of Chicago, 1982
NIH Postdoctoral Training, (Metabolic Regulation), Harvard University, 1973-75
Ph.D.(Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry), North Carolina State University, 1973
M.S.(Nutrition), Purdue University, 1969
B.S.(Science Education, Chemistry), Cornell University, 1967


  • Areas: Operations management, statistics, information systems, supervision
  • Courses:
    • BA 1800 - Introduction to Computers & Information Systems
    • BA 3320 - Operations Management
    • BA 3300 - Business Statistics
  • Areas: Accounting rules and behavior in organizations, Application of management science models to community service organizations.
Other Information:
  • President, Gateway Chapter, infORMS
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Extensive United Way activities include: Management Issues Committee,
  • Management Assistance Center Consultant, Allocations Panels, Admissions
  • Committee, Torchlighter speaker.