Howard B. Baltz
Emeritus Professor of Quantitative Management Science

Degrees Held:

Ph.D., 1964, Economics and Statistics, Oklahoma State University
M.S., 1958, Economics and Statistics, Baylor University
B.B.A., 1956, Economics, Baylor University
A.A., 1950, Business, Southwestern Illinois College

Teaching Experience:

  • Taught courses in business statistics, forecasting, and statistics of quality control.
  • Wrote textbooks in fundamentals of business analysis, statistics, and forecasting.
Research Experience:
  • Wrote a variety of articles, proceedings and special studies pertaining to statistics.
  • Completed in-house USAF studies and activities.
Other Information:
  • Served on the faculities of the University of Texas at Austin, Midwestern State University, and Baylor University.
  • Participated in local and national professional associations.