Vicki L. SauterVicki L. Sauter
Professor of Management Information Systems
Office: 226 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: 314-516-6281
E-Mail: vicki.sauter At


Degrees Held:
Ph.D. Systems Management Science, Northwestern University, 1980
MS Systems, Northwestern University, 1977
B.S. Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, Northwestern University, 1975


  • Areas: BI, DSS, Systems Analysis, Forecasting, General MIS
  • Courses:
    • INF SYS 3810 - Information Systems Analysis
    • INF SYS 3843 - Decision Support for Business Intelligence
    • LOG OM 4312 - Business Forecasting
    • INF SYS 5800 - Information Systems
    • INF SYS 6840 - Information Systems Analysis
    • INF SYS 6833 - Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence
  • Areas: Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems,  International IS
  • Selected Significant Publications:
    • Sauter, V.L. and R. Frese, “Improving your Odds for Software Project Success,” IEEE Engineering Management Review, 42(4), December, 2014.
    • Sauter, V.L., "The Absence of Gender Differences Among Students in an MIS Program," Communications of the AIS, 31(4), December, 2012.
    • Sauter, V.L., Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence, New York: John Wiley and Sons, 2011.
    • Sauter, V.L., Mudigonda, S., Subramanian, A., and Creely, R., "Visualization-Based Decision Support Systems: An Example of Regional Relationship Data," International Journal of Decision Support Systems Technology, 3(1), 2011.
    • Sauter, V.L., "Information Technology Adoption by Groups Across Time," International Journal of e-Collaboration, 4(3), July-September, 2008, p. 51-76.
    • Host H.H., Bourey A.T., Tatko B,and Sauter V.L. "Adherence To Home Exercise Programs In Outpatient Physical Therapy," J Orthop Sports Phys Therapy, 39(1), 2009, p. A13-A38.
    • Sauter, V.L., "Competitive Decision Support Systems," Handbook on Decision Support Systems, Springer-Verlag's International Handbook on Information Systems, (Frada Burstein and Clyde W. Holsapple, eds.), 2007.
    • Sauter, V.L., "Women in Computing: A New Look," Under Review by Communications of the AIS, 2008.
    • Jeyaraj, A., and Sauter, V.L., "Experienced vs. Novice use of Diagramming Tools," Communications of the ACM, 14(3), May/June, 2007.
    • Sauter, V.L. and D. Free, "Competitive Intelligence Systems: Qualitative DSS for Strategic Decision Making," The Database for Advances in Information Systems,36(2), Spring, 2005, p.43-57.
    • Sauter, V.L. and L.A. Madeo, "User-Acquainted Diagnostic Support Systems," International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 3(3), September, 2004.
    • Sauter, V.L., "Web Design Studio: A Preliminary Experiment in Facilitating Faculty Use of the Web," Web Based Education: Learning from Experience, A. K. Aggarwal (ed.), January, 2003.
    • Sauter, V.L., "Intuitive Decision Making and its DSS Requirements," Communications of the ACM, 1997, 42(6), June, 1999, p. 109-115.
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    • Sauter, V.L. & Joshi, K., "An analysis of Issues Affecting the Establishment of Computer Companies from Developing Nations in the World Computer Market," International Journal of Information and Management Sciences, Vol. 3(2), Dec. 1992, 143-160.
Other Information:
    • Director of Xtreme IT!
    • Fellow, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
    • WORMS Award for the Advancement of Women in the ORMS Field
    • Faculty Fellow, UMSL Mind Trek Laboratory
    • Director, Advanced Information Systems Laboratory
    • Faculty Liaison, IS Advisory Board
    • Curator, Grace’s Place:  An Information Technology Museum
    • Service Learning Fellow, UMSL Center for Teaching at Learning
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