David BirdDavid Bird
Emeritus Instructor, Management Information Systems
Office: 229 Computer Center ~ Voice: 314-516-6275
E-Mail: davidbird@umsl.edu


Degrees Held:

M.S. (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science), Washington University, 1970
A.B. (Mathematics/Physics), University of Missouri - Columbia, 1968


  • Areas: Programming, Data Management, End-User Computing
  • Courses:
    • BA 3805 - COBOL Programming
    • BA 3815 - File Management
    • BA 3844 - End-User Conmputing for Business Applications
    • IS 6807 - Business Programming and File Systems
    • IS 6805 - Applications of Programming for Business Solutions
  • Areas: Decision Support Systems, Scheduling, End-User Computing
  • Selected Significant Publications:
    • Bird, D., Subramanian, A., Smith, L.D., Nelson, A. & Campbell, J., "Strategic Planning for Data Warehousing in the Public Sector," Proceedings of the Hawaiian International Conference on Systems Science, Jan. 1996.
    • Bird, D., Smith, L.D. & Nauss, R., "Decision Support for Bus Operations in a Mass Transit System," Decision Sciences, Vol. 21(1), Winter 1990.
    • Bird, D. & Madeo, L., "The Effect of User-Specified Language Elements on Learning to Program," Journal of Research on Computing in Education, Vol. 22(3), Spring 1990