Thomas H. EyssellThomas H. Eyssell
Associate Dean and Director of Advanced Studies
Director, UMSL Financial Planning Programs
Professor of Finance
Office: 473 SSB ~ Voice: 314-516-5885
Curriculum vitae

Degrees Held:
Ph.D., Finance, Texas A & M University, December 1986
M.B.A., Pittsburg State University, May 1979
B.S., Finance, Pittsburg State University, May 1978

UMSL Graduate Business Programs


Curriculum vitae


  • Areas of Interest : Corporate Finance, Individual Financial Management, Behavioral Finance
  • Courses:
    • FIN 3500 - Financial Management (undergraduate)
    • FIN 3560 - Practice of Personal Financial Planning
    • FIN 3590 - Practicum in Financial Planning
    • FIN 3520 - Investments
    • BA 5198 - Development of Financial Theory
    • FIN 6500 - Financial Management (graduate)
    • FIN 6501 - Advanced Corporate Finance
    • FIN 6590 - Seminar in Finance
  • Selected Significant Publications:
    • Smith, L.D., Staten, Michael, Eyssell, Thomas, Karig, Maureen, Freeborn, Beth, and Andrea Golden, “Accuracy of Information Maintained by U.S. Credit Bureaus: Frequency of Errors and Effects on Consumers’ Credit Scores.” Forthcoming: Journal of Consumer Affairs, Fall 2013.
    • Eyssell, T., H. Fung, and G. Zhang, "Determinants and Price Discovery of China Sovereign Credit Default Swaps." China Economic Review, March 2013, 1-15.
    • Eyssell, T. "Contrary to Popular Opinion: The Importance of Consumer Credit Scores for Senior Citizens." Journal of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, April 2012. (54-60)
    • Smith, L., T. Eyssell, M. Karig, P. Pratte, M. Staten, C. Johnson, M. Staten, R. Barry, and A. Stovall. "FACTA 319 National Study on the Accuracy of Credit Bureau Information." Federal Trade Commission FTC-10-0187 (October, 2011)
    • Eyssell, T., "St. Louis and the Automobile," in Hidden Assets: Connecting the Past to the Future of St. Louis, Richard Rosenfeld (ed), Spring, 2006, 13-42.
    • Eyssell, T., "Accounting for Inflation in Financial Planning: A Comparison of Two Solutions to Complex Financial Planning Problems," Journal of Financial Planning, 2006.
    • Eyssell, T., "What's the Proper Beta? Financial Advisers and the 'Two-Beta Trap'," Journal of Financial Planning, Fall 2003, 54-57.
    • Eyssell, T., "Learning by Doing: Offering a University Practicum in Personal Financial Planning."
    • Arshadi, N., & Eyssell, T., "On Corporate Governance: Tender Offers, Defensive Tactics, and Insider Trading."
    • Alpert, F., & Eyssell, T., "Getting the Most From Your Doctoral Program: Advice for the Ph.D. Student in Finance."
    • Eyssell, T., & Kummer, D., "Signalling, Insider Trading, and Post-Offering Performance: The Case of Initial Public Offerings."