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Professor Robert Keel

Teaching Professor and Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

Chair, Department of Sociology, Gerontology & Gender (SGG)

Office: 712 SSB Towerrobert keel

Robert Keel's Home Page

B.A. Kalamazoo College, 1974 (Sociology)
M.A.  Washington University, 1977 (Sociology)

Mr. Keel has been teaching sociology for the past 40 years at a variety of colleges and universities, both here in the United States and in Germany. He has been part of the UMSL faculty since 1989. His primary areas of interest include; Sociological Theory, Deviance and Crime (with a special interest in drug use), the Social Construction of Technology, as well as a very special interest in introducing people to Sociology. He has an ongoing interest in studying the relationships between technology and human interaction.

Published Works

  1. Robert Keel, “Building a Blended Class: Face-to-Face, Online, Anytime,” presentation at the USDLA National Conference, May 3, 2011, St. Louis, MO. 

  2. Robert Keel. Review of: Baudelot, Christian and Roger Establet. 2008. Suicide: The Hidden Side of Modernity. Polity Press. In, The British Journal of Sociology, June 2010, volume 61, issue 2, pages 382-383.

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