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Independent Study: Sociology 4350

Student Guidelines for Obtaining a Faculty Sponsor

Soc. 4350 (Special Study) is designed primarily for undergraduate majors in Sociology. It offers an opportunity for students who are capable of doing independent research to explore an area of knowledge in Sociology that is not covered in the regular curriculum.

The Department policy for enrolling in such an independent study project is reflected in the following steps:

1. Students should first determine whether the proposed topic is not in fact already offered through a formal course in the Department; if there is no such course, then:

2. A one-to-two page proposal should be prepared that justifies and describes the project under construction. Such a proposal should include, as appropriate:

(a) a brief description of the topical area, specialization in sociology, or particular sociological or social problem that is to be the focus of the project;

(b) what background in sociology the student can show that would indicate an ability to do independent work on the proposed project;

(c) a brief list of proposed readings that appear as important for pursuing the proposed project;

(d) a suggested basis on which the course grade might be properly determined;

(e) how many credit hours of Soc. 4350 appear appropriate, considering the nature and extent of the proposed undertaking;

(f) how the project being considered is likely to advance the student's academic or career plans.

3. Students should make an appointment with an appropriate faculty member in order to discuss the feasibility of their project. (Faculty advisors will be happy to help the student identify faculty whose interests and competence might recommend them for supervising the proposed studies.)

4. Special Consent forms, signed by the faculty member who agreed to work with the student, are required for enrollment in Soc. 4350.