The UMSL Respecialization Program is designed for Ph.D.-level psychologists who wish to receive training in the area of clinical psychology. The program is designed to provide a complete clinical training sequence with a minimum of overlap with the student's previous academic graduate work. Respecialization students are trained within the context of the APA-approved Clinical Training Program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. All of the information on this page is also provided in our Respecialization brochure. Please see this brochure for more complete eligibility information and application instructions.


The program of study for the Certificate of Clinical Psychology Specialization:

  1. Graduate-level courses in quantitative methods, experimental design, cognitive and behavioral bases of behavior, social psychology, personality, psychopathology, and biological bases of behavior. Equivalent courses may be transferred from other institutions.
  2. A two-course assessment sequence, including intelligence and personality testing. Intelligence testing courses may be transferred from other institutions.
  3. An introductory clinical interventions class (Psych 7434).
  4. One psychotherapy elective course (typically cognitive-behavioral interventions).
  5. A course in ethics and professional issues (Psych 7432).
  6. Two years of clinical practice in the program's clinic (Psych 7431, 7439).
  7. One year of practicum experience in a community agency.
  8. One year of clinical internship in an APA-approved internship program (Psych 7450 & 7451).

Program of Study

Year I:

Year II:

Year III:


For more information, contact the Director of Clinical Training: Dr. Steven Bruce