The War Trauma Recovery Project, Inc., an independent, private, non-profit agency in St. Louis, that provides psychological services to war refugees has a cooperative agreement with the Center for Trauma Recovery. The St. Louis Metropolitan area is home to one of the largest populations of Bosnian refugees in the United States, as well as thousands of refugees from other war torn parts of the world. The often extreme trauma histories of refugee war survivors, in addition to cultural differences and limited English language skills, create a unique challenge for the trauma therapist. In the agreement between these two agencies, the War Trauma Recovery Project, Inc., subcontracts for some psychotherapy services from the Center for Trauma Recovery's Trauma Clinic, and pairs therapists with professional interpreters who speak the language of the client to be served. As a result of this agreement, Center for Trauma Recovery clinicians have the opportunity to learn first-hand about providing culturally sensitive psychological treatment to diverse populations, and limited- or non-English speaking refugees receive quality treatment services that address the psychological aftereffects of war.