Grievance Procedures: What to do if something goes wrong

  • If Experimental session is canceled:
    1. contact the experimenter and ask if participation credit is due
    2. If unsatisfied, contact the Subject Pool Administrator:
    3. If the experimenter reasonably tried to reschedule the experiment, then no credit is due; however, if the participant showed up to the session and the experimenter cancelled abruptly, then the participant is due credit for the session.
  • * If you have difficulty re-scheduling a different time, please complete an experimenter no-show form [Experimenter No-Show Form.pdf] to explain why.

  • If you did not receive credit in your course for participating in research:
    1. Has it been more than 10 days since participating?
    2. Be sure to have all receipts for participation
    3. Then, contact the Subject Pool Administrator:
    4. Send an e-mail to the address above. Be sure to clearly articulate your situation. Be sure to include detailed information.
    5. The SPA will look up all of your credit and determine your eligibility for credit.

  • If as a participant you have concerns about your rights as a research subject you may call the Chairperson of the Institutional Review Board at (314) 516-5897.