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Crystal Atkins

Crystal Atkins grew up in Saint Louis and has lived here all her life. Having graduated from the University of Missouri- St. Louis back in 2016, with a Bachelors in Anthropology and French, she is a proud triton and considers UMSL her second home. As a student, she held many positions throughout campus, from Residential Life to MSC Operations as senior manager. She has made a name for herself at UMSL.

After years of being a student staff member, Crystal transitioned into the adult world and became a member of UMSL’s full-time staff. She currently spends her days at the Dr. Marcus Allen Advising Center. When she’s not helping out students, Crystal spends her time helping out the youth and saving the world one step at a time.

If you enjoy chatting and shooting the breeze, come see her at the front desk at 303 Lucas Hall where she’ll be awaiting and smiling, serving a warm welcome to you upon arrival, and making your experience great!