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B.S. in Computing Technology (pending CBHE approval)

The B.S. in computing technology (pending CBHE approval) is a newer degree program that favors exposure to a wide variety of tools and technologies over traditional depth or thorough computer science background.  Students completing this degree are well prepared for many careers and opportunities, determined by the choices of many available elective courses, which can still be packaged into certificates.

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Admission Information
Complete List of Courses
Prerequisite and Course Dependency Chart (PDF 106 KB)

Degree Requirements

The following is a brief summary of degree requirements. For complete information and restrictions, please consult the University of Missouri-St. Louis Bulletin appropriate to you.

Candidates for the B.S. Computing Technology degree must complete the following courses:

Core Courses

CMP SCI 1250 Introduction to Computing
CMP SCI 2250 Programming and Data Structures
CMP SCI 2261 Object-Oriented Programming
CMP SCI 2700 Computer Organization and Architecture
CMP SCI 2750 System Programming and Tools
CMP SCI 3010 Web Programming
CMP SCI 4010 Advanced Web Devleopment with Java
CMP SCI 4500 Introduction to the Software Profession
CMP SCI 4610 Database Management Systems
INFSYS 3844 Developing Buisness Applications in .NET
INFSYS 3868 Secure Software Development

Computer Science Electives

Select five more elective computer science courses, numbered above 3000.

Mathematics and Statistics

MATH 1320 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MATH 1800 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH 2300 Introduction to Discrete Structures
or MATH 3000 Discrete Structures

Additional Skills

ENGL 3130 Technical Writing

There are no related area requirements for majors in Computing Technology.