Is A History Degree For You?

Do you often ask “how” and “why”? Are you curious and analytical and up for a challenge? A History degree is for those who answer “Yes!” Studying history introduces you to the fascinating and familiar in ancient and modern societies, to cultures in faraway places, and to the complexities of our own neighborhoods. A history major will help you understand the present in new ways and build your professional future through hands- on research. By honing the skills demanded by employers in a wide variety of fields, history is a versatile and marketable major. Studies show that over the course of a career, history majors rank as top earners of all degrees and have high job satisfaction. Ask your advisor how a history major or minor can pair with other areas of study to develop an interdisciplinary field or professional skills.

B.A. in History

The B.A. in History provides a broad-based program of study that emphasizes historical writing, research, and analysis. The department offers courses in African, African American, European, Latin American, Japanese, World, and United States history from ancient to modern times. At the bachelor's level, the department offers the B.A. in history, and, in cooperation with the College of Education, the B.S. Ed. in Secondary Education with Emphasis in History and Social Studies and the B.A. in History with Secondary Social Studies Teacher Certification.  Students can complete the History major and minor online, and many classes are offered in the evenings to accommodate working students.

View all of our History courses here.

Dual B.A./M.A. Degree in History

This program is designed to allow students of demonstrated academic ability and educational maturity to complete the requirements for both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in History in five years of full-time study. The accelerated nature of this program allows a student to take courses that will count for both a Bachelor's and the Master's degree. The total number of hours needed to complete the dual program is 137. Students will pay graduate credit hours fees for all courses applied to the graduate degree.

Degree with Distinction in History

The History Department is now offering a Degree with Distinction for Undergraduate students. More information about the new degree here.

Minor in History

A minor in History requires the completion of at least 19 History credit hours. Course requirements, and more information can be found here.

Minor in African-African American Studies

A minor in African-African American Studies requires the completion of at least 15 credit hours. Course requirements, and more information can be found here

Minor in Anthropology

The minor in anthropology is designed to offer students a flexible introduction to the fundamentals of the discipline to complement their major field of study. A minor is advisable for anyone planning a career with intercultural or international dimensions, where knowledge of cultural systems, environments, values, and symbols is useful.

Minor in Latino Studies

Latina/Latino Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to the study of the historical, social, political, language, and cultural experiences of U.S. Latina/Latinos, their families and communities. Students in this program will examine how transnational understandings of race, ethnicity, politics, culture, and language are mapped onto and struggled over within the United States, the Midwest, and St. Louis.

Gender Studies Certificate

Similar to a minor, a Gender Studies Certificate supplements a student's traditional academic major by promoting critical analysis of gender roles and structures across different times and cultures. Earning a certificate not only enables students to broaden their educational experience and develop new insights into their own lives and aspirations but also facilitates employment in a wide variety of occupations.

Teacher Certification

If you are interested in sharing your love of history with young people, UMSL offers several pathways to obtain a Missouri Teacher Certification in Social Studies.