Languages and Cultures

Foreign Language Requirement


Candidates for the B.A. degree are required to complete 13 credit hours or the equivalent in proficiency in one foreign language. Foreign language guidelines are as follows:

1) Students entering with no high school language units must enroll in Language 1 or may enroll in the 2115 series (see section 4).

2)Students with the degree of proficiency equivalent to 13 hours of college-level work in French, German or Spanish may obtain exemption by passing the department's placement exam. For further information on the placement exam, please contact the department either on-line or by calling 314-516-6240.

 Native speakers of language other than English may meet the foreign language requirement by presenting a transcript from a university or secondary school of their native country. The department will certify native speakers of those languages which are taught at the university. Those who are proficient in other languages must submit certification of competence to the college.

Language 2115 A, B, C (Intensive) will satisfy the foreign language requirement.  Aptitude testing is required prior to enrollment.  For more information, call the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department at 314-516-6240

 Students may not repeat, for either credit or quality points, an elementary course if they have already completed a higher-level course for which the elementary course, or its equivalent, is a prerequisite.